7 Funny Work Pranks and 2 more untested ones

Bored at work? Break the monotony in the office with these work pranks to draw some laughter. Here are 7 prank ideas, and 2 bonus experimental pranks that you might like to try out.

Work Prank 1. Chicken Chicken Chicken Powerpoint Prank

Does your office culture embrace the use of PowerPoint slides to the point of obsession? Counter the trend by giving an inspired presentation in a whole new language that has only one word. This prank was inspired by Doug Zonker, who presented at the AAAS humor session. In the video above, he presents what looks like a journal article review using only one word. "Chicken chicken chicken". It's an awesome work prank to play if the people at your company have at least some sense of humor (and if it's not an important presentation, of course!). Click here to see the PDF version of his slides (opens new window).

2. Random Documents

Create some mystery at the office with this work prank. Get some random papers from your company recycling bin (for failed printouts). Pack these papers into an envelope or a packet, and then either internal mail it to your victim or just place it on his table. When he finds it, he'll be scratching his head trying to figure out the random "documents" you put inside. Works better if you pack it into an envelope marked "URGENT!".

3. Water Jug Ducky

Add more mystery to the office with this classic work prank idea. If your office uses a water jug on a water cooler setup, stuff a rubber ducky into the water jug and then replace the jug onto the water cooler. Of course, do this when no one is around, like the night before, for example. The buzz will start when the prank is discovered, and everyone will be theorizing who did it.

4. Please Use Other Door

Use this work prank to create some confusion at the office. Print out a visible notice that says "Please use another door". Copy and Paste these signs on all doors at work, on both sides of the door. When your co-workers start coming in, you'll find that those who obey signs will be wandering around a bit before realizing it's just a prank. It'll be equally more bewildering to them when they come across one door access rooms (like a small meeting room with one door, for example) with the sign!

5. Surprise behind the projector screen

This funny work prank idea is great if your workplace has a frequently used meeting room with a pull down projector screen. Typically these screens block out a whiteboard so that the projector lights won't glare into your eyes. You can paste an embarrassing picture (e.g. an adult magazine centerfold, for example), or draw something funny on the whiteboard. Then pull down the projector screen to hide your artwork.

When the next meeting participants pullup the projector screen, you'd probably get some laughs all around. Extra points for you if you manage to pull this off for a major meeting. For obvious reasons, never get caught for this one.

6. "Birthday" Work Prank

What's e-mail good for besides work? Well, play a prank of course! E-mail folks to tell them that it's a co-worker's birthday today. The only catch is that it's not! If your office has a culture celebrating birthdays, tell them there's a mini celebration later for the said co-worker, and watch everyone turn up, but no birthdays!

Since your e-mail will identify you as the culprit, play this only if your co-workers and boss share your sense of humor. Preferably do this only on April Fool's day, if mild pranks are tolerated on that day.

7. The Bitter Cup

Ever heard of nail biters polish? It's clear nail polish that's bitter to the taste to help nail biters to kick the habit. You're going to use it for something that it wasn't intended, being the clever prankster that you are.

See your co-worker's favorite mug on the table? Take the nail polish and dab apply some all around the rim of the cup. The next time he takes a drink, he's going to think that the water source is contaminated, or that his taste buds are going out of whack.

You can also apply the polish around the rim of random paper cups to play this prank on an unsuspecting public.

Experimental Prank 1: Downsizing Scare

Sometimes the previous occupants of a meeting room just forget to rub off the writing on the white or blackboard in the room. If it was a discussion centered around the board, you can usually tell what the discussion was about. Create a mini scare with this work prank by drafting out what looks like a plan to downsize employees.

You'll need to get as much time as you need to write alone in the room unnoticed, so late at night is a great time to pull off this prank. Write down the abbreviations for the various departments and teams on the whiteboard, the shorter, the better. Then just randomly write percentages next to the team and department names. Have a sketch of a graph showing a projection of employee numbers going down by 50% in the next five years. Pepper in some percentages and terms like "layoff" and "VSS" (Voluntary Separation Scheme).

The result should be pure chaos when the next group of people sees this.

Experimental Prank 2: Meeting Room Spider

This work prank idea is great for meeting rooms that do not have glass walls or doors. Hang a huge fake spider inside the meeting room near the door. Position it so that it will be the first thing your victim sees when he opens the door to the conference room.

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