School Pranks including high school and senior pranks

When I was in high school, playing school pranks was the only way I kept sane. I hated having to get up and go to school to 'learn' things that I had already learned from my tutors. By tutors, I mean those extra classes that kids go to after school to make up for the lack of instruction in school.

Back to the main point, I spent a lot of my time sleeping in class. Sometimes I just played pranks on my classmates. Occasionally I got pranked by my friends. Once in a while though, I'd hear of a prank being played by some of the seniors. Those guys were pros and they never got caught.

Time flew by and I FINALLY got out of school. The only thing I still do miss about school is the pranking. There were still a lot of ideas that I wanted to try out before I left. Since I can't really do so now, I've listed them out for you to try. Please do e-mail me to share if you've been successful!

Senior Pranks

You're about to leave the school soon and you want to leave an impression on the Juniors. The limit to the creativity of your prank is usually just that - creativity. With some teamwork from your fellow seniors, you can pretty much accomplish any of the prank ideas here.

So you've got the team, you've got the enthusiasm and now you need the pranks. Go through some of the senior pranks that I've compiled below, and see if you can come up with something better. In addition to stuff I've seen on the web and some that I designed on my own, I've also included some pranks that have been played in Malaysia, but probably not anywhere else.

To start with, I've provided a list of 4 large scale Senior prank ideas you can lay on your unsuspecting school! Check out Senior Prank Ideas: 4 large scale senior prank ideas. Be warned though, with large projects come large cleanups!

In the next of the senior prank ideas series, I have Funny Senior Pranks: 7 funny senior pranks for your school. Some of these pranks are as large scale as the 4 in the previous article, but most are smaller scale yet very funny (or at least fun).

So you've seen the 2 articles and want some large scale school prank ideas that are rather straightforward to do. You feel that too much planning will kill the fun. If that's the case, check out High School Senior Pranks: 7 hilarious pranks for your senior year.

Classroom Pranks

This section is for you if you're still in the school system for at least a few years to come. Most of these classroom pranks be pulled off by the individual prankster on one or a group of victims. While it is a solo endeavor, these school pranks are still as hilarious (if not more) than the senior pranks collection.

For starters, try out these pranks in High School Pranks: 8 great prank ideas to try in your classroom. You'll find a mix of 8 easy to challenging pranks, but those that are definitely funny. At least it will be funny for you.

Next, try out 6 funny pranks you can play in school. You'll find 6 funny school pranks that will really crack you up, but a few here can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Choose wisely.

Here's another 5 Prank Ideas to use on your principal or the unsuspecting school populace. Be stealthy and quick in setting these up and you'll be rewarded with laughter, and perhaps some infamy. Don't get caught!

If you're in middle school, try and see if you can find a suitable prank in 7 prank ideas you try in middle school. There you'll find some humorous yet harmless fun you can poke on your mates. You can also try out some of the classic pranks that are old-school but funny, nonetheless, at Pranks to Play at School: 7 prank ideas for the bored in class.

Dorm Pranks

Whether you currently live in a school, college or university dorm, these pranks apply to you. Try out 5 harmless dorm pranks as an appetizer. You'll find simple yet hilarious pranks that should be tried at least once. Once you're done, read 7 Dorm Room Pranks to try. Also, don't miss out on 6 Hilarious College Dorm Pranks.

Graduation Pranks

You're free from school! Well, there's just a tiny detail left to get over with - graduation. It could be just any old graduation - with its dated ceremonies played out as it has been years and years before at your school (or college!). You could, however, make it something memorable and worth talking about at your class reunion down the road by playing the ultimate prank! If you're going solo, you might like to check out 5 graduation pranks you can try.

Enjoy the pranks and remember to share your stories below! Remember that trespassing and vandalism is never a good idea. Please check with your school if senior year pranks are allowed on school grounds before attempting to pull one off.

Disclaimer: Please remember that every prank has an element of risk involved. I disclaim any liability from any negative consequences you may encounter in carrying out these pranks.

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I am having a prank war but I am in the 5 th grade and I can't think of any pranks plz help

kill the teacher! 
bring a polished fake knife were it goes in when stabbed. put some red food coloring in hull of the fake knife. here is how to do it: at break try to …

Flash MOB!! 
You're gonna have to get your Principal on board for this one. And it's much more amazing if ALL the seniors are in. Get the Prince-man to, at a random …

A Phone Prank 
I have a little sister that is afraid of ghosts so i got my two homephones and turned on the intercom app. i put one in her room and went to a different …

School water balloon fight 
At Central High School it was senior prank day so on that day when students and teachers walked out of the classrooms they were all ambushed! Seniors were …

Icy Hot 
We went to Kalahari (an indoor water park in Ohio) for an Honor Society reward overnight trip just last month. A lot of people take this opportunity to …

2 Funny School Prank stories - owh soo bored people =D 
In my school each subject is taught in a different classroom and each time if a teacher goes over the time, unsuspecting students wander into the currently …

If you think school is boring and you need something to do try this out. Get 4 cats and spray paint them 1,2,3,and 5 then release them around the school.When …

Chocolate sauce Not rated yet
I would like to try this prank out on one of my not friends, how this prank works is you first choose a victim, in my case, I will call my victim "A" while …

curious boy  Not rated yet
well my friend and I did this prank on one of the boys in our class. we told him that we know who has a major crush on him and that she writes his name …

Thanks for the support Not rated yet
My freshman year at an all girls school that shares classes with our brother school, the seniors bought 300 pairs of bras and strung them up all over the …

Fake Cake Not rated yet
My friends are always trying to eat my desserts at lunch. So I finally was over it. I told my friend that I was to bring her a delicious mini lemon cake …

hairdryer prank Not rated yet
So you get up early in the morning and get your sisters or any siblings hairdryer and put flour through the end and when the go to dry their hair the get …

prank a friend Not rated yet

hot hands prank Not rated yet
so get a hot hands hand warmer and put it on the seat of someones desk and tie a string on there shoe and the desk and watch the result …

Food Not rated yet
Get Oreos take out the Creme inside of it and put Mayonaise or cream cheese or toothpaste and pass to the person you wanna prank, and you should see the …

Remote prank Not rated yet
Get a universal remote, program it to a class tv, mess with the channels at the most dramatic part!

Fake whats on my papers cup Not rated yet
I melted some glue sticks on the stove and added red food coloring. I poured it in a cup and tipped a little on a napkin. Then took off the edges off. …

Invisible enemy prank Not rated yet
When I was in grade 4 I played a prank on a mean,nasty girl called Nethulya You just need: liquid gum enemy books When your enemy is not looking …

Hot Sauce Gum Not rated yet
One day my neighboor said that he and my other neighboor took 3 pieces of gum each so I got mad and I covered 2 pieces of gum with hot sauce and then I …

The Insanity Prank- Professional Prank part 1 Not rated yet
I am a boarder at a special school and me and my two friends- Katie and jaxon decided to do something about the really mean school teacher. We decided …

Powder Not rated yet
I Was At A Friends House.So She Fell Asleep And Me And Her Sister Got Powder And Put It in Her Nose And We Put Powder In Her Hair And All On Her Hand.So …

FLASH MOB PRANK Not rated yet
Right now i am a sophmore in high school. I've been planning my senior prank since the 6th grade when i had a few other people set off stink bombs in a …

School Prank Bundle Not rated yet
Some pranks i played in 5th grade. Whiteboard Wipe off. at your first time off learning (in my school we say break) or when your sitting down if …

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funny Pentlepen prank Not rated yet
First is u remove the ing and the tip of the pen and do not throw the cap and the the thing at the end afther that if you can pee fill th pen with pee …

when you feel like you need to fart and you hate your teacher when she is reading and walking and she comes by your seat drop a pen and ask her to pic …

Ball pit Not rated yet
If your schools cafeteria is like mine and is built a couple of feet in the ground. Get all of the seniors to pitch in about 30-40 dollars buy some ball …

ha! Not rated yet
cover a school toilet with seran wrap so when the next kids pees... well you'll find out then.:)

spider snacks Not rated yet
I went into the libary finding my friend reading a kids book so I offered her a sweet from a tin. Little did she know that I had wrapped a fake spider …

Cow Not rated yet
lead a cow upstairs - this will baffle the teachers because you can't lead a cow downstairs :)

Rape Alarms Not rated yet
this is simple. pull out the pin and tie the rape alarms to ballons filled with helium and let them float to the ceiling of a high - frequently used room. …

Fog and See Not rated yet
For this you will need Dry ice and water. Now there are many ways you can do this.. 1. Have all seniors chip in and buy as much dry ice as you can and …

messy prank  Not rated yet
my older sister was having a long bath so i decided i should get her back when she pranked me last. i stole her hair brush and put honey on it when she …

locker stuff Not rated yet
make 100 little birthday cards and put them in the birthday girl/boy’s locker and wait for it to be opened and spilled! Damien: Excellent suggestion. …

popped pen  Not rated yet
get a regular plastic red pen (not see through) and break the point off. now tap the pen so ink comes out then replace the cap and give it to an unsuspecting …

theres something on the wall Not rated yet
you go to school with a small amount of red blood paint (not real just look alike) then write on the wall to a person on a toilet door and then wait to …

Teacher Prank(He is a coach) Not rated yet
Alright so I have a coach for a history teacher and he is only 25....He scared me and my friend one day during office aide so we declared prank war on …

NO DRINKING WATER! Not rated yet
Materials: 1.Paper 2.markers 3.enthusiasim Steps: 1.Take paper and put in printer 2.go on paint and write OUT OF ORDER at the top of the page 3. …

i need a great prank Not rated yet
I need a prank to get one of my friends back. and its got to be hilarious Damien: Anybody willing to lend Jessica a hand? I'd probably just use one …

Computer Breakdown Not rated yet
Go to the computer lab at your school when no one is there. Get a paper clip and straighten it. Find were the computer's fan is and stick it through. This …

Prank Idea: Jossstick bomb Not rated yet
Back in secondary school, I used to be a really cheeky kid. We had school prefects that we really hated coz they liked to give a bunch of us a hard time. …

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