2 Funny School Prank stories - owh soo bored people =D

by George
(Penang, Malaysia)

In my school each subject is taught in a different classroom and each time if a teacher goes over the time, unsuspecting students wander into the currently used classrooms and as soon as they realize it’s still being utilized they run out mumbling "sorry!" So what happened was a bunch of us decided to play a prank on these people. I gathered a dozen students and a teacher into a classroom. The teacher would be in front holding onto a book and just talking about random things, the students would be posing like they're studying or something. Then each time a student walks in they get surprised. At least 2 or 3 were day-dreaming or something and walked up and sat in their chair before realizing what was happening and quickly got up and rushed out. It took them all about 10 minutes before they realized that each time someone ran out there would be spurts of laughter from inside. =D

Another prank story is about someone who was asked to the prom, the plan was to get the girl to the mall and "hanging out with her friends". So what happened was she and her friend were walking in the mall and suddenly this masked "thief" walks up the girl and runs away with her purse. The friends all knew what was going on and acted as if they didn't know anything. So they pretended to walk to the entrance of the mall to locate a security guard nearby and as soon as they got there the boy who wanted to ask this girl to be his date came up and "caught" the "thief", returned her purse and gave her flowers and asked her to be his date. The girl was happy, relieved, and glad that everything was just a plan to get her to be his date.

Damien: Thanks George! I'm surprised your thief friend didn't get any trouble from the mall security. Especially loved your first prank!

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May 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

I'm gonna do the 2nd one.

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