Sleeping Pranks including sleepover pranks

My first of a series of sleeping pranks was played on my brother when I was little. He used to snore a lot while he slept, so one day I decided to use the tape recorder to record it. My big brother didn't find it funny, but the rest of the family sure did! He sure got back at me later by drawing on my face with permanent marker ink.

Well, these pranks can be really fun to watch once you execute it properly. The trick is not to wake your victim up before the right time. With practice, you'll develop really good 'ninja' skills to help you sneak around your victim and setup the tricks. I haven't managed to perfect it well enough to prank my sister, but I'm sure you can.

Sleep Pranks

Here's an article that will give you some prank ideas: Good pranks to play on sleeping people - 30 Ideas (Pranks 1 to 10), Good pranks to play on sleeping people - 30 Ideas (Pranks 11 to 20) and Good pranks to play on sleeping people - 30 Ideas (Pranks 21 to 30).

Bed Pranks

Want to play some hilarious pranks on your friend's bed instead? Check out 10 funny bed pranks to try on your friends.

Most of these require you to sneak around, but some can be done before your victim settles down to sleep. Use your discretion when choosing a prank, as some will leave a mess. Some victims will get very angry if you make them mess themselves.

Slumber Party Pranks

If you're planning to have a slumber party, great! There are plenty of great pranks you can pull off to make it more interesting and funny for you and your friends (well, maybe not all of them). Take a look at Another 5 slumber party pranks for you for some great ideas.

They're not all sleeping pranks, so you'll get some prank ideas to work on them while they're awake too. Want some ideas for a simple sleepover instead? Check out these 5 sleepover pranks for a hilarious night! You can also try these 5 teen slumber party pranks for extra fun! These prank ideas are great at keeping nosy (or greedy) guests out of your stuff.

By the way, if you're looking for ideas to organize your own teen slumber party, do check out (opens in new window).

Enjoy the pranks and be careful!

Disclaimer: Please remember that every prank has an element of risk involved. I disclaim any liability from any negative consequences you may encounter in carrying out these pranks.

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Scary Sleepover Prank 
I just thought of this prank. It will only work if you have a back door and a friend with good acting skills. Make sure that you tell your parents …

going to a camp in dorms. need funny ideas!!! 
soccer camp 5 days in dorms i need new pranks!!

Cereal in the Shoes 
Wait until your victim is about to leave the house, and when they're not looking, put cereal in they're shoes and add milk. Eew!!!!!!!!!!!

The Pissing Prank 
When your friend or who ever is a sleep, get a bowl or bucket of water, make sure it is body temp. water. then after u put their hand in the water the …

Warm water 
Get a cup of warm water and put there hand in it and they are supposed to pee there pants it really works!!!!:) it works best on little kids

HAIR LOSS? Not rated yet
My friend woke up to an air horn. Noticing the hair, and blood on the bed she walked into the bathroom. The razer in the sink caught her attention. She …

wet pants Not rated yet
First let your friend fall asleep Second get a cup of water Third pour it in their pants and be careful not to wake them up Then in the morning they …

Help!!! Not rated yet
In a couple of weeks, Im heading off to a camp. I need a really big, really convincing prank to get at four girls I hate and my friend. But I want the …

The WTF everything prank Not rated yet
first,your victim needs to be in a deep sleep don't do this RIGHT when they are asleep wait about 20 to 30 minutes.Your gonna need a fake spider,a pole,TONS …

Slippy shoes  Not rated yet
While your friend is sleeping oil up there shoes with baby oil and butter then slap him in the face hard enough to where he chases you when he puts his …

she put a dress on me while sleeping Not rated yet
While staying at a hotel over night she puts a dress on me which is kinda puffy knee lengh while i'm sleeping. Then takes my clothes i wore there earlier …

the oreo prank Not rated yet
this trick works great and is fun and easy to do. first take 2 oreos. then take 1 and split it in half so one half has all the cream on it. now take a …

The Engine Prank Not rated yet
wait till the person is completely asleep...bring the Engine (motorcycle, chainsaw, weedeater, or anything that will fit through the doorway) into the …

need a good prank Not rated yet
i need a prank for a sleepover for kids that doesnt involve buying anything.

Glued up pretty Not rated yet
I've been planning to get my friend back for tea-bagging my face at a slumber party. Little does he know that I'm planning a few pranks of my own. I plan …

confused wake up Not rated yet
first me and my friend planned a sleepover and had planned a awesome prank and it being 9 boys we decided to pull a hilarious prank so the night came …

Saran Wrapped Toilet Not rated yet
Its simple. just put saran wrap on the toilet seats in the victims house. When the victim goes to use the bathroom, he/she will have a sweet surprise waiting …

alex's experience Not rated yet
there is a student in my class who hates getting detention and he's a proper nerd...he claims to have a phobia of everything and me and my boyfriend wrote …

Hot sauce on lips Not rated yet
I put hot sauce on my friends lips as she was sleeping. I just got a qtip and poured tobasco sauce on it and smeared it all over her lips. Well she woke …

Fake Celeb Email Prank Not rated yet
This is a really funny one. All you need is a computer and some knowledge. First ask a friend what his/her fav celeb is. Once u have that info make a fake …

What Beer Is This?!?! Not rated yet
one year me and my sis pulled this on my dad, you take a bottle of beer and pour out all the beer.then fill it with water (or koolaid) and put the …

Clown!!!!! Not rated yet
My bff and I are going to one of our friend's birthday party,she is bring some face make-up to the party. Make sure you have this if you plan to do this …

Snore Replay Sleeping Prank Not rated yet
I was a little boy when I played this prank on my big brother. He was (and still is) a snorer. He was very loud too. I thought it would be funny to record …

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