Good pranks to play on sleeping people - 30 ideas (Pranks 11 to 20)

If you're looking for good pranks to play on your friends or family as they sleep, you've come to the right place. I've included pranks that will get you some laughs. Beware as some of these pranks might put your victim in a really cranky mood.

11. Head in Bed Prank

Gee, what's scarier than waking up to a stranger in bed? Waking up to a head in your bed, of course! Get your victim's blood pumping early in the morning with this prank idea. Place a dummy head next to your victim in bed. You could also place a screamer mask next to your victim seems to get the same effect, provided that the mask looks scary enough. Usually a very funny and effective sleeping prank, which is why it's in this list of good pranks to play.

12. Screamer

In this classic prank idea, YOU put on the screamer mask instead. There are 2 variations of execution though. The first "scream and scare the sh*t out of your victim" method works just fine for a quick scare. But if you want something more, read on.

To prolong the prank (and hence the fun), you can bring your face fairly close and slowly wake your victim up by tickling his or her face. Be sure to make soft grunting noises for added effect. When your sleeping prank target wakes up, give your most blood curdling scream - and have fun laughing at your victim's reaction!

Is this a worthy member of good pranks to play on sleeping folks? Try it out and be the judge.

13. Fart Alarm

My brother has played this prank idea on me so many times that I just didn't bother to keep count anymore. The gist of the prank idea is if you feel a fart coming, opportunistically point your butt at your victim, and let your fart rip. If you're not a frequent farter and you really want to play this prank idea, here's my advice: eat lots of beans.

14. Hot Sauce Dream

This prank idea involves hot sauce on your victim's lips, so get ready for a huge reaction. It doesn't matter whether your victim's mouth is opened or closed. What matters is that the hot sauce is put on his lips or tongue.

If your victim is tolerant to the general variety of sauce, be sure to use the special sauces that have a much higher scoville unit. Be kind and don't drench your victim with the sauce or this prank won't be on the "painful pranks" list instead of the "good pranks to play" list.

15. Powdered bedsheets

This is the sneakiest of good pranks to play on sleepy people. Take note of your victim's bed sheet color. If it's all white, your work is simple - just coat a layer of flour over the bed sheet. If it's in a variety of colors, well, there are plenty of colored powders you can blend into the bed-sheet. Your victim will have a really colorful night when he crawls into bed, to say the least.

16. Smashed Tomato

This prank idea is a sneaky one that is more or less in the same league as the shaving cream prank. Take a ripe tomato, preferably a soft and juicy one. While your victim is asleep on his side, slip the tomato down the rear of his pants. When he rolls over (as he inevitably will), he'll wake up to tomato puree all over his bottom.

17. Bed Swap

If you have 2 young kids you want to play a prank on, just pick them up while they're sleeping and swap them between bedrooms. I've had this played on me once when I was little.

18. Change Of Scenery

You'll need to be particularly stealthy to play this prank, or your victim has to be a particularly deep sleeper. As your victim is sleeping, sneak into the bedroom and shuffle the furniture around, giving it a new look. You might like to add in some props or decorate it according to a theme.

19. Short Sheet

This is an oldie but one of the good pranks to play on a very sleepy victim. The bed will look comfy and normal, but when your victim tries to tuck into it, he won't be able to! You'll need to make the bottom sheet properly, then tuck the top sheet at the head over it. Create a 'pocket' by bringing the bottom edge of the top sheet up to normally where you would tuck the top of the blanket. Then cover the blanket and tuck it in nicely.

20. Hidden Alarms

Want a prank ideas that keeps on giving? You'll need more than 2 alarm clocks if you really want to prank your victim. Set them to ring 20 minutes apart starting at about 2am, provided your victim sleeps by that time. Hide the clocks all over your victim's bedroom.

Suggestions? Hide one under the bed, then another under a piece of furniture. Tape another to the wall behind the curtain, and yet another behind the cupboard door. Your imagination is the limit, but make sure that it's not in a place that your victim can see or will likely look at while he's awake.

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