Good pranks to play on sleeping people - 30 ideas (Pranks 21 to 30)

If you're looking for good pranks to play on your friends or family as they sleep, you've come to the right place. I've included pranks that will get you some laughs. Beware as some of these pranks might put your victim in a really cranky mood.

21. Eye-lid Makeup

Want another sleeping prank idea that keeps giving? This is an excellent prank to play on someone if you have some basic makeup skills. You'll be putting white makeup on your victim's eyelids as he sleeps.

After you have applied the makeup, use marker pens (the ones that can be washed with water) to dot the 'eyes' on your victim's eyelids. It'll be hilarious because your victim probably won't notice the prank in the mirror, until someone tells him.

Be very careful while applying makeup and stop immediately if you suspect your victim is going to wake up. It's going to hurt if he opens his eyes while you're applying makeup or trying to dot his eyes with the marker.

22. Saran Wrap victim

This prank idea is simply a classic. You'll need a roll of Saran wrap and some stealth to successfully wrap your victim. Wrap him to the bed, if you can. Enjoy the reaction you get when your victim gets up and realizes that he has been wrapped to the bed!

23. Wake Up, You're Late!

In this sleeping prank idea, you're going to set EVERY timepiece 1 hour ahead of time. That's right, every timepiece, including watches, the wall-clock, the computer clock, alarm clock, and even the car radio clock. Do this while your victim is asleep, of course.

Your victim will probably wake up an hour earlier and arrive at work or at school an hour earlier. If your victim doesn't use an alarm clock, he'll probably think that he's an hour late! Want good pranks to play on a person who's never late? This is it!

24. Coat hanger between Mattress and Sheet

The day has gone by and your victim is tired. All he wants to do is sleep. When he gets to the bed, he'll realize that there are coat hanger shaped lumps between the bedsheet and the mattress. Cranky and tired, he'll have to remake the bed to remove the coat hangers.

Of course, you put them there, but you don't have to own up, do you? This is probably tops as the most annoying in the good pranks to play list, so try not to get caught.

25. Balding

What would cross your mind if you woke up to see hair on our pillow? Let's answer that by doing an experiment on your victim. You'll need to purchase some hair extensions that have the same or is close to the color of your victim's hair.

From the hair extensions, cut out a length that it roughly matches the length of your victim's bangs, and scatter it around the pillow while your victim is sleeping. Remember to put a pair of scissors with traces of the 'hair' somewhere nearby where your victim can clearly see it.

Imagine the panic on their face when he or she wakes up thinking someone cut his or her hair. It's in the list of good pranks to play because it'll jolt your target wide awake. Much better than coffee ^_^.

26. Hanging spider over face prank

This is one of the funnier good pranks to play on a sleeping person. The sleeping prank idea works even better if your victim has arachnophobia, but even if your victim is not one having a spider over the face kinda freaks people out. There are two variations to this prank.

For the first variation you will need a pole or a fishing rod, some string and a fake spider. Tie one end of the string to the spider, and the other to the pole and you're ready. When your victim is asleep, dangle the spider over his face, then lightly brush the spider over his face. Do this repeatedly until he wakes up. I'm sure you'll enjoy what happens once he sees the spider.

For the second variation, you will need a place to hang the spider from. Hang the spider directly above your victim's face, then leave it there until he wakes up. When you hear a loud shout in the morning, you'll know your prank has succeeded!

27. Dixie Cups

Of all the good pranks to play on someone, this is probably the most difficult to undo. You'll need to purchase a lot of paper cups, enough to fill the floorspace in the bedroom. Pre-staple them into groups of 4 before playing the main prank, to speed things up later.

Don't do this straightaway when your victim falls asleep. Give him some time to fall into deeper sleep. About 30 minutes wait should do it. Once he's in deep sleep, sneak into his room, lay the cups out, and staple them together, and fill them up with water. Repeat this until the entire floor is covered with paper cups. Your victim won't be able to escape without messing up the floor.

28. Sleep pose

In this prank idea, you'll be dressing your sleeping victim up with T-shirts that have ridiculous statements like "I love clubbing... baby seals" for instance. This prank works best if your victim sleeps on his back. Of course, you'll need the T-shirt or a white one with your choice of writing on it.

First, get ready to keep your victim "awake". Make him or her some eyeballs with a ping-pong ball. Cut it into half and dot in the center with a marker pen to simulate bulging eyeballs. Oh yeah, get your camera and T-shirt ready too.

When your victim is a sleep, place the T-shirt over him. You don't need to dress him up, just make it look like he dressed up. Place the ping-pong ball halves over his closed eyes, then quickly snap a photo. Once you're done, remove the ping-pong halves and the T-shirt, then print the photo and place it next to your sleeping victim.

29. Gulliver's travels

Remember the story of Gulliver's travels and how he was captured by Lilliputians (you know, those really tiny people) during his sleep? Recreate that scene for your sleeping victim!

You'll need a lot of string and some green army men toys. While your victim is asleep, gently tie him to the bed with string. Be sure to arrange the green army men at his bedside depicting a scene of them trying to capture him. It's one of the most creative pranks on the good pranks to play list.

30. Water Balloons

Here's another messy sleeping prank for your victim - water balloons. Fill up water balloons to the max and place them next to your victim while he's asleep. Chances are he'll move around in his sleep a bit and end up crushing some of them!

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Makeup prank Not rated yet
1:get the ingredients.Lipstick,I shadow,I liner,a drees,two bouncey balls,a bra,girl shoes,girl socks,wig and headband.2:put on the makeup carefully.3:strip …

the nasty Not rated yet
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