by Niamh

This is probably the reaction you'll get when your victim awakes and they walk across the room to the floor. When they stumble over the floor, still half asleep, hopefully they won't realise your little Lego blocks scattered over the floor.

As we all know - all meaning the people who have been unfortunate enough to stand on legs pieces - it will be painful and as you listen, your victim will be VERY annoyed.
If you want this prank to work, try to lay the pieces where your victim will not see them and to make sure they cross the room instead of staying in bed, put an alarm on the other side of their room (you should make it go off at stupid o'clock in the morning!).
Of course, your goal is to get the victim to stand on the Lego so you have to put them somewhere on the path they are sure to take.
Last tip is: get out of the room and far away from the victim as you will be on their most hated list.

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