How to wake up a heavy sleeper (Prank)

by Megan

So for this prank you need the following items:

1. A device that has Bluetooth
2. A Bluetooth speaker.
3. a loud ringtone.
4. a sleeper.
5. A camera

get up before the person your going to pull this prank on. then you get your Bluetooth speaker and your video camera to your victims room. You started the camera and also hide it where it can get the victims reaction. Then you put the speaker somewhere in their room suggested near the bed.
Once you have your sound and your Bluetooth tuff read then you exit the room...if you have a view to the room then you can watch and if not then that's what the camera is for. Play your loud sound and sure enough it'll most likely scary the crap out of them and make them throw a fit.

Tips: Make the sound loud and annoying

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