The Alarm Massacre

by Samuel Martin
(St.Cyrus, Montrose)


When your victim goes to sleep, BEFORE you do this prank you must make sure he/she is asleep and when they are asleep take their IPhone or any type of phone and set different alarms to different times.


E.g. 1st Alarm- 7:00am

2nd Alarm- 7:01am

3rd Alarm- 7:02am

It is best to do 5 alarms and set the alarm notification tune to a loud one so it is easier for the victim to wake up. Normally people would just stop the alarm and go back to sleep so this is the perfect prank to annoy someone.

If you also want to get some payback if he has pranked you previously then you could do this...

When you have set the alarms then you could QUIETLY celetape your victims phone to the ceiling so then your victim will have to wake up to get their phone. back or possibly put it in the nightstand.


So if you REALLY want to prank someone by waking them up then this is the prank that you are looking for. I hope you prank whoever you are pranking good and I hope you succeed.

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