5 teen slumber party pranks for extra fun!

What teen slumber party is complete without some hilarious practical jokes? Lighten things up a bit with some simple, easy pranks on your guests. Here we have five great prank ideas that you can play with.

Teen Slumber Party Prank 1. Lemonade sodas?

Add some excitement to your slumber party with this prank idea. It requires some preparation though. Puncture a small hole at the bottom of a can of soda and empty its contents. Then fill the can with lemonade. After filling it up, turn the can upside down and dry it.

Once dried, use wood glue or anything that works to hold the water in (something not easily noticed). Make sure it doesn’t leak. Do this with a number of soda cans and serve them to your guests. They won’t see it coming!

2. Cookies that taste funny

Tasty cookies are a must for slumber parties. Here’s a prank idea that is simple to do but funny nonetheless. Get some cream cookies like Oreo and scrape off the white filling. Be very careful not to damage the cookies, however.

After removing the filling, replace it with toothpaste instead. Mix the “special” cookies with regular ones and serve. Act natural and see if anyone says anything; it will be hilarious!

3. Do not open!

Some slumber party guests can be very curious. Use this idea to play a prank on them! To make this work, you’ll need to make preparations not long before the guests come.

First, put a “Do Not Open” sign on your medicine cabinet. Then put some marbles and other things that would make loud noises when dropped into the cabinet. Rig the cabinet so that you can close it, but when reopened would make the contents tumble out immediately. Be ready and then catch the curious when you hear a racket from the bathroom.

4. What’s in my milk?

This prank is simple but funny. During your teen slumber party, serve milk to your guests. After they’ve drunk some of it, create a diversion to get everyone’s attention. Meanwhile, have another friend put in small marshmallows in everyone’s milk. Your guests will think that they drank bad milk!

5. Water-resistant soap?

Before your slumber party, paint all the soap bars in your house with a colorless nail polish. Completely cover the entire surface of the bars with nail polish. Your guests won’t be able to use them! Act natural and say nothing; see if anyone asks about it. Remember to have a normal soap bar hidden for your use, though.

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Once your friend is asleep take a bit of lemon juice an pour a little in his or her mouth. Be careful not to make them choke though.

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This prank is one of my favorites... works every time. Trust me, you better sleep with one eye open! Materials: Shaving cream and a feather Step …

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