10 funny bed pranks to try on your friends

Here are 10 funny bed pranks you can try on your victims. Remember to record their reactions for posterity!

1. Unscrewed Bedframe Legs

This prank works only if the bed-frame is designed with detachable legs. To setup this simple prank, just unscrew the legs but make sure that the frame still balances on it. If balancing the frame on 4 loose legs is too difficult, just unscrew 2 at either the head or the foot of the bed. Enjoy the bewilderment of your victim.

2. Fake snake in the bed

http://www.prankplace.com/product.aspx?d=Home.FAKE-LONG-RUBER-SNAKE&p=28645&c=80 Is your victim's bed always in a perpetual mess? You can toss in a rubber snake into the heap and see how long it takes him to find it. Believe me, you will know when he does. Even if his bed is always immaculate, this snake in the bed prank will scare him when he crawls into bed and feels it under the sheets. Be sure to place it at the foot of the bed under the blanket for an added effect.

To get a realistic looking rubber snake for a decent price, consider this one:

3. Baseless Bed Prank

This prank works on both bunk and single beds that have removable bases. In this variation of the prank, you need to remove the base of your victim's bed, then balance the mattress on the rest of the frame. If the mattress is stiff enough, the bed will look untouched and safe. If your victim has a soft mattress that won't hold, see the other variations below.

When your victim gets onto the bed, he'll fall in through the frame. It'll be absolutely hilarious!

4. Weak Base Bed

Like the baseless bed gag, your victim will fall through the bed frame. The only difference is that you will need to saw saw the plywood base as if to split it into two. Don't saw all the way through though - leave about 1 to 2 millimeters thick of plywood at the center. Now place the plywood base sawed side up so that if your victim check's the base first, he'll think the base it fine. Once he gets up on it, he'll quickly realize that it's not :).

As you can see, this prank works on some types of single bedframes too. For single beds, using two halves of plywood to support the soft mattress will work as well, since your victim will be unlikely to check the base.

5. Remove the latch Bunk Bed Prank

Yet another variation of a prank where your victim falls through the bed frame, this prank is meant for beds that have their own mattress-base built in and held up by latches. All you need to do to get your victim is to undo these latches. You can't miss them.

6. Bunk bed spider (under top bunk).

This prank works great on an arachnophobic friend who sleeps in the bottom bunk. While your victim is away from his room, get a 'spiders in a web gag toy' and stick it underneath the first bunk. Chances are your victim won't see it until he's very close to it or lying in the bed. Imagine how funny it would be when he freaks out at the sight of spiders!

If you want the realistic looking spiders in a web that I mentioned, consider this one:

7. Bunk Beds fillup

Want to leave something for your room-mate at the bottom bunk? Saran wrap the middle the first bunk as shown in the video, then fill up the bottom bunk with your choice of fillings. Ping-pong balls or packing nuts come to mind.

8. Pull up the bed prank

Your victim is sound asleep on a mattress or a couch. What can you do to wake him up? Gather a few accomplices and lift the bed upright with your victim, of course! Try to avoid lifting it to a wall as shown in the video as that will be rather painful for him.

It's a really funny prank, but be aware that you will be shocking someone awake. As always, waking a sleeping bear makes it an angry awake bear!

9. Bunk Bed Falls Apart

This is a great bed prank that works on beds with removable pins that hold the frame together. The trick is to remove a few pins that will allow the bed to stay fairly stable with someone just lying on it. The next is to kick the frame when that someone is lying on it.

10. Toss Someone Off the Top Bunk

If you're going to toss someone off the top bunk while they're lying in it, do it this way.

Whatever you do, don't do this way.


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