5 sleepover pranks for a hilarious night!

Perfectly done, sleepover pranks create fun memories that last forever. If you’re fresh out of ideas though, don’t worry! Pranks are our specialty, and below we have five ideas for a memorable sleepover.

1. A bloody shower

This sleepover gag requires some preparation. But pulling this off successfully will make it worth the effort. This is best done in the darkest or creepiest bathroom in your house.

Unscrew the shower head and dry it completely. Then fill it with lots of red juice powder (or a boullion cube - it stinks up your victim instead of bleeding red) before you reattach the shower head. When your victim turns the knob for a shower, imagine the shock and horror of showering in blood! Eerie conditions like bad weather and parents being out of town would be perfect.

2. Classic tickling trick

This classic sleeping prank is timeless, and is still fun to do. Once your victim has dozed off, put lots of shaving cream onto his palm. Depending on the victim’s body position, gently tickle an area on their face where the “loaded” hand will likely scratch. If you’re pulling off this prank, always be ready to run! Instead of shaving cream, you can also use toothpaste or anything else that would be funny.

3. Poopy pants

For this sleepover prank, you’ll need some brown icing. Wait until your intended victim has fallen asleep. Then softly pull down his pants and put some brown icing on his backside. Once you’re done, pull the pants back up.

Be very careful not to wake the victim up during this process. A very deep sleeper would be ideal. Getting a few friends to be in on the prank would be helpful to convince the victim that he defecated in his sleep!

4. Overnight moustache growth

Here’s a hilarious sleepover prank. Get a realistic-looking fake moustache, the type that sticks to the face. Then wait until your intended victim is asleep before carefully placing the moustache into position.

When victim wakes up, say nothing about his “new look” and let him go about his business as usual. The ensuing reaction will be hilarious! This prank works best after the victim has had a long, tiring day as the victim will then be too tired to notice that he’s the subject of a prank-in-progress.

5. Salty itch

To successfully execute this sleepover prank, you will need white sheets if the victim sleeps on a bed (if he uses a sleeping bag, then all the better). When the coast is clear, sprinkle some salt evenly onto the bed. Done correctly, the salt will not be noticeable. Then watch the hilarity that ensues as the victim itches and scratches like crazy! This prank is best done on warm nights when the victim is more likely to sleep with scant clothing.

You can substitute salt with fiberglass insulation (that's what itching powder is made of!). However, fiberglass can't be easily washed off as the tiny fibers get lodged in the skin, so don't use it unless you want to make a new enemy.

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