the oreo prank

this trick works great and is fun and easy to do. first take 2 oreos. then take 1 and split it in half so one half has all the cream on it. now take a butter knife or some kind of utensil like that and cut a hole in the middle of the cream (dont make it too big but make it pretty big). now run to the bathroom and grab a bottle of WHITE toothpaste (other colored toothpastes wont work as easily) and fill the hole with it. now place the other half on it so it looks like an ordinary oreo. now take the 2 oreos and bring them to your victim. give them the one you put toothpaste in and keep the one you didnt mess with. eat them together and watch their reaction! it will be priceless! you can actually do this with a group of people but takes longer to set up for a group. enjoy!

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Jun 14, 2014
SOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEW
by: G DOG

I am sooo trying that on my BFF!

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