Another 5 slumber party pranks for you

What slumber party is complete without some good old slumber party pranks? From classic, simple tricks to more elaborate ones, they’re great for having some fun and adding some excitement to your party. Here we bring you another five ideas to toy with.

1. Clothing Chaos

This prank can only be done when everyone else is asleep. So pretend to go to sleep at the same time when everyone else does. But be careful not to fall asleep yourself.

When you’re sure that everyone’s deep in sleep, sneak up and silently take out their clothes from their bags. Mix them up and put random clothes into random bags. The next morning will be hilarious as your friends all try to wear mismatching clothes that are too big or too small for them!

2. Hidden alarm clocks

For this prank idea, you’ll need a lot of alarm clocks. Get as many as you like, then set each to go off at different times throughout the night. Alarm clocks that go off with funny or unusual sounds would be really fun for this prank.

After setting the alarms, find good spots all over the house to hide each of them. Then watch as the alarms go off and wake your friends in the middle of the night! Since your victims would probably be expecting more after the first few, try to set the alarms as far apart as feasibly can so that they would already fall asleep when the next one goes off. Be sure to ask your parents’ permission for this though, you don’t want to annoy other people who need to wake up early.

3. Ghosts!

This particular slumber party prank requires suitable conditions to work well, and is best done after watching a scary movie. Ask a friend who is invited to help you out. Tell the other guests that he would not be able to come and give a plausible excuse. Then have that friend set up fake ghost appearances on your windows to freak out the others! Remember to play your part in convincing them that it’s real.

4. The man in costume

Sometimes, simple pranks are the funniest, so here’s an easy slumber party prank idea. Tell the victim that you will be organizing a themed slumber party. Have him dress in a toga, superhero costume or something else that would be funny. Then get the other guests to arrive earlier to wait for the victim’s grand entrance. Wait with cameras out and have fun!

5. Overnight manicure

This slumber party prank can be played on anyone, but is funnier when played on boys. Wait until the victim is asleep and then carefully paint his nails. Use bright, glaring colors; you can even use multiple colors for added hilarity. Getting your other guests in on the prank would help make this part finish faster. In the morning, act normal and don’t say anything. Be careful not to make him suspicious as this prank would be funnier if he realizes it outside the house. The reaction when he finds out will be hilarious, especially if he’s been out and about for a while with brightly, colorfully painted nails!

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