7 Dorm Room Pranks to try

Bored? Try out all of these 7 dorm room pranks below. Remember to share your prank stories with us after you do!

1. Glow In The Dark

Is your roommate going off for vacation back home? You can help him redecorate a little with some paint and glow powder in this prank. Adding glow powder into paint will cause the paint to glow in the dark. Look for wall paint that closely matches your victim's room wall color when it's dry.

Next, you'll need some glow powder. This powder can be added to the paint to enable it to glow in the dark. Search online for a distributor to get some of the glow powder and usage details.

Now that you have the paint, the powder and the knowledge to use them, mix them up and paint your victim's walls. You can either repaint the entire room so that it will eerily glow at night, or you can paint some messages for your victim to see when the light goes out.

2. Remote Control Appliance Switch

To execute this dorm room prank idea, you'll need a remote control appliance switch that you can easily buy in a hardware shop. It's the type that you plug between your chosen appliance and the wall. I would suggest you use an electric drill or a small socket powered CD-player rigged with scary sounds for this prank. However, anything noisy will do.

Once you've plugged the appliance and the switch to the wall, be sure to leave the appliance turned on before you leave the room. Now when your victim is sound asleep, turn on the juice with your control, then quickly turn it off when you suspect your victim is waking up. Let him fall asleep again, then repeat. He'll probably think he's dreaming up the noises.

3. Monkey Face

Do you visit a friend often or have a roommate who leaves his valuables lying around? Print out a monkey head shot and paste it on his ID or driver's license. Be sure to use temporary glue as you don't want to ruin his ID.

Then send him out on an errand that will need him to show his ID to someone - like a beer run. Imagine the look on the cashier's face when he produces his monkey ID.

4. Toilet Alarm Clock

Visit your victim often in his room? If he has an attached bathroom, this prank idea is a good one to try when you next use it. You'll need a Ziploc bag and a small battery powered alarm clock. Make sure you pick a real noisy one and purchase some heavy duty batteries.

Set the alarm clock for an hour when you're sure your victim will be asleep. Wrap it up with the Ziploc bag to waterproof it. Now hide the package in the cistern of the toilet and enjoy. Your victim will definitely have trouble locating the sound of the alarm.

5. Duct Tape Door Prank

You'll need some duct tape plus filling for this dorm room prank idea. The idea is to tape up your victim's front door to form a wall. You can use soda cans or packing nuts as fillings to fill up that wall. You can try pop-corn as well - a great deal will fall into your victim's room. Works only on open inward doors.

Alternatively, use saran wrap and duct tape to simplify the wrapping process. Use saran wrap as the main wrapper, then duct tape to tape it in place on the door arch frame.

6. Screw Loose Door Prank

This is one awesome dorm room prank to play on your friend if you can get access to his room while he's out. Quickly unscrew the door hinges from the wall before he gets back, then shut the door back to fit the frame. When he tries to open the door to get in, "BAM", the door falls in.

7. Ash Face

Want to redecorate your victim's face with some ash, and have him non the wiser? Dab some water on your middle finger then stick it into an ashtray. When you meet your victim, point to his face with your index finger and say he has something on his face. Make sure to tuck in your middle finger to hide the ash stains.

Offer to help him get it off his face, then use your stained middle finger to rub it off. Smear the ash liberally, then set your victim free to roam the dorm and get laughed at.

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