High School Senior Pranks: 7 hilarious pranks for your senior year.

It's the last year of high school and you want some hilarious high school senior pranks to play on your school. Or, at least, you want some of your friends to go 'huh?'. Try out these 7 pranks. Be aware that these pranks will probably work best in a team, and you'll have more fun that way.

1. Kindergarten

For this prank to work, you'll probably need some teamwork. Gather all the tables and chairs in your target classroom, and hide them in another class, the school gymnasium or on the school roof. Once you've done so, replace the tables and chairs 1 for 1 with kindergarten sized furniture.

2. Bubble toilet

This high school senior prank will be played in the school toilets on a large scale. You're going to need Sodium Iodide (goes into the bowl) and Hydrogen Peroxide (goes into the tank). You can get these chemicals from a lab supply store online. The next person to flush on your pranks gets an overflowing toilet. Set this up before, during, or after school.

3. Rubber duckies

For this simple prank, purchase a large amount of rubber ducks to cover the school pool or fountain, then pour them in. I suggest that you keep them in barrels or buckets while transporting them so that they can be poured in easily and quickly.

4. Garden Creatures

Is your school yard or garden too empty? You can help liven it up by placing a lot of pink flamingo garden decorations or garden gnomes there in the cover of darkness.

5. Toilet stickers

Purchase waterproof stickers that can be printed on. Print out photos of teacher's faces on waterproof stickers with "Hit me" below the picture using laser printers. Stick 1 in each toilet bowl exactly above the waterline.

6. Reverse Class

This high school senior prank only works if a majority of the items and furniture in the classroom are removable. To start, put the teacher's desk at the back of the class facing the front of the class, as shown in the picture. Then face all the student tables and chairs towards the teacher's table. Make sure the distance from the back of the class to the last desk is the same as before you reoriented the tables and chairs. If there is a blackboard or whiteboard (shown as purple in the picture), detach it and reattach it behind the teacher's desk, as shown.

For the posters (red in the picture), remove and paste them at the opposite wall. Paste them on the window, if a window is in the way. In the example, the poster is next to the teacher's desk, so make sure that the poster ends up next to the teacher's desk after you've moved the furniture around. Do the same for any loose furniture (illustrated as the gray box).

For final touches, you can't move windows, so you may like to print pictures of windows to paste at walls where windows should have been. Then use some newspapers (or paper that matches the wall color and texture) to cover up the original windows.

7. Masked Streaker(s)

Do you have a fit volunteer (or volunteers) who doesn't mind running through the hallways naked? Get a mask for your brave streaker(s) and position some of your clothed accomplices at the doorways. Be sure to plan the start and the end routes to be out of public view, such as toilets. Once your streaker runs past the doorway, fumble across the doorway as if you didn't know what was going on to slow down any security or staff that may be chasing after your streaker. Be sure your streaker has his or her easy to wear clothes ready at the end point so as to be able to get away clothed.

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