Funny School Pranks: 6 funny pranks you can play in school.

If you want to create some laughs, try these funny school pranks. Be warned that some of these could potentially cause damage to school property or create heck of a mess, so do them at your own risk.

1. Aliens

This funny prank involves tossing a lot of liquid soap to your school ceiling. The soap will stick to the ceiling and slowly drip down to the floor, looking a lot like alien slime. I used to do this when I was a kid until I realized how much the custodians hated the person who did it. It's a good thing that they didn't discover it was me, but I didn't want to create more messes for them to clean up. I don't recommend you play this one, unless you're willing to help clean it up.

2. Timed Fireworks

The seniors in my school used to play this funny school prank in our school toilets to annoy and avoid the school prefects (something like hall monitors in the US). This is prank requires the use of a joss-stick and some fireworks/firecrackers. To set it up, wrap the fuse of the firework onto the base of the joss-stick. The handle of the joss-stick is usually colored red, so avoid wrapping your firework fuse around that as the joss-stick will not burn the handle.

Here's a picture of some joss-sticks. It is slow burning, so once you've set up this prank, there's plenty of time to run and hide. It's best done during classes if you can get a break. You might like to shorten the length of the joss-stick to get it to burn a bit faster. You can imagine the outcome of this prank if you set it up in different locations, and time it to blow up when everyone is just coming out to shift between classes.

However, do note that it's a potential fire-hazard and may also destroy any object you place the fireworks in. In addition, if someone doesn't notice it and goes too near when it goes off, the consequences may be tragic.

3. Buttered hallway

In this funny school prank, expect your victims to slip and slide when they enter the hallway. Grab a block of butter and butter up floors leading to the entrances of your school hallway. This is best done out of sight when everyone is in class, or after school hours. For quick application, a spray on lubricant will work better. If you can get a wet floor sign, put it somewhere where it can be seen. Well, no one can say you didn't warn them! Don't do this prank on stairways though as this might cause your victim to seriously injure him or herself.

4. Gay discussion

Do you have a homophobic teacher who can't even stand the mention of gay people? The next time this teacher asks "Any questions?", ask "What's wrong with gay people?" or "What's wrong with gay marriages. More likely than not, this funny school prank will cause a class discussion that will cause great discomfort to your teacher.

5. Back to the Future

This funny school prank works only if your school doesn't use a centralized alarm bells system to tell you half an hour has passed. You'll need to be able to get access to the classroom clock before the teacher comes in. Set it forward by 10 to 15 minutes. It's best you station a lookout outside the door to warn you when he or she sees the teacher coming.

6. Prank Notices

In this funny school prank, you'll be messing up with the system that your school uses to communicate with teachers and students. Look around for notices directed to teachers, such as notice for meetings, notices of class cancellations or changes, or general staff notices. Create similar looking notices and paste them up where they normally get pasted (e.g. a bulletin board, or a special location in the corridor).

For example, you could paste a note on the door of your classroom to indicate that the class has been canceled. Or you could paste notices that school will be off for a particular day and reason. You could also leave a notice indicating that a class time has changed on your teacher's table. Of course it will help if you're not popular or a hell-raiser enough to be recognized in the teacher's room.

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