6 Hilarious College Dorm Pranks

Want some hilarious college dorm pranks to try on your unsuspecting dorm mates? Check out the six that we have for you below!

College Dorm Prank 1: Doorway stack-up

Simply stack up stackable items to block your victim's dorm room entrance. You can stack telephone books and empty cans to block the doorway! Dixie cups filled to the brim with water might also work. Do submit your story if it does.

Bonus points if you manage to block a hall or stairwell with a wall of cans. Of course, make sure that the obstacle can be easily knocked through so it won't be a fire hazard.

Prank 2: Gatorade/Drink Jello in fridge

Got a common fridge? Know someone who loves keeping drinks in it, particularly in a see-through bottle? A popular college dorm prank is to turn the drink into Jello to surprise the unsuspecting victim when he tries to drink it.

How might one do that? A great way to do this is to use konjac jelly. These come in packets that you should be able to get from the hypermart. Typically, there will be instructions to prepare the mix printed on the packet. However, if there is none, just boil the mix for 3 minutes and add some lime water to the boiling jelly mix. Lime water is made by mixing a quarter teaspoon of pickling lime (also known as slaked lime or calcium hydroxide) to 5 tablespoons of water. This jelly type takes about 3 minutes to set. If you're in a rush, consider using agar that is a seaweed based jelly. Either jelly type you use, you can add food coloring to make it look like your victim's drink.

Prank 3: Your clothes are outside, here's a costume!

How do you make someone wear something you want him to wear? Just make sure that there are no other clothes to wear! Your victim needs to be a deep sleeper. While he's asleep, remove ALL his clothes including the ones he's wearing. You'll also need to remove anything he might be able to cover himself with, e.g. sheets, towels, papers. Hide them all in a safe area. Leave a hilarious costume of your choice in a place he won't miss in his room. Leave the instructions to find his clothes tagged to the costume.

Prank 4: Change all your room mate's clocks 1 hour

When your roommate is asleep, set the clocks in the room (wall clocks, alarm clocks, watches, phones, computers, DVD players, etc.) an hour ahead. He'll be wondering why he's the only one in class, until he finds out what happened. A variation of this college dorm prank is to set all of the timepieces to different times instead of to an hour ahead.

Prank 5: Bucket full of water, or fake snakes/spiders, lean against door.

What happens if you lean a bucket full of water against the door? It splashes in when it opens! This prank works only if the door leads inwards, of course. Lean it against your victim's door, and leave it there, or knock the door to get him to open it sooner.

Feel free to substitute water with fake spiders or insects, if your victim is afraid of that sort of thing.

Prank 6: Fake free food voucher for opening night at a random place, slip into dorm room doors.

When I was a poor student, I'd go almost anywhere for a free meal. In this prank, create fake free food vouchers for “opening night” of a fake food joint. Be sure to include the opening date and location. Of course, lead them to another place that doesn't sell food. Print multiple copies and slide them under doors. You can also leave subtle clues to your prank in the vouchers if you want.

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