The Insanity Prank- Professional Prank part 1

by Kitty Eden
(WA, Autralia)

I am a boarder at a special school and me and my two friends- Katie and jaxon decided to do something about the really mean school teacher. We decided to try to get him to leave... so we spent a lot of time planning.

The next few days we wrote tons of letters and sent them through the mailing system to the teacher. We sent some from the department of education head, declaring her undying love for him, from a random sheep claiming to be his sister, and so on. My favorite one was Katie's idea- from the Midget Association of Australia asking permission to come to the school. Then, working on the 'apple a day keeps the doctor away' idea, Jaxon managed to slip an apple into his office every day. The beginning stages were quite fun, but we were about to get into the bigger pranks, and it would get even better.
We had decided earlier that if I got caught by the teacher we were targeting, I would act insane(I was the ringleader). I would like to point out here that the teacher was absolutely horrible. Everyone, including most of the teachers hated him. No one would miss him.
A while after that, we started to spread the rumour that there was something called the baa-baa black sheep. All we would say wa that if you didn't watch out, he'd get you good. Then we started leaving notes for the teacher. From the baa-baa black sheep. I think at this point he started to top giving out detentions-to everyone, in fact. Katie mentioned that what we were doing was good for the school. She was right. With so much going on, the teahr wasn't terrorizing the school as much.
The next prank was in class. He was a chemistry teacher, so I switched some chemicals around a bit. Katie had done her research, and we concluded that vinegar and baking soda together produces good results. Instant chaos.
When we left the class that day, thre was an apple on the desk.
Next, we put sveral announcements over the PA.
"The duck says...Quack!"
"The sheep says...Baa!"
And so on. Somehow, all the teachrs were looking the other way.

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