School water balloon fight

by Charleanne Elk Nation
(Rapid City, South Dakota, United States)

At Central High School it was senior prank day so on that day when students and teachers walked out of the classrooms they were all ambushed! Seniors were above the second floor throwing water balloons below on the students and teachers plus our security guards haha but CAUTION!!! you might get arrested or sued maybe even charged so don't hit the wrong person.

Damien: I hope no one got into trouble this time ^_^

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Mar 27, 2012
to that annoying person
by: Anonymous

Shut the f*** up i wasn't saying it was a bad thing damn if it was a bad thing i wouldn't said something BAD about it and plotted revenge holy f***. -_-

Apr 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thats b*******! Let the kids have fun instead of being uptight all the time! Just relax it was a senior prank not the end of the world and it was water not a fricken bomb or anything! Damn

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