High School Prank Ideas

Looking for some high school prank ideas to bring laughter to everyone (or yourself, at least)? Check out these 5 prank ideas.

1. Death, by Principal

School is underway, the lunch bell rings, and you run out. Moments later, you hear a commotion in the car park. Looks like someone got run over by the principal's car. Turns out you did that.

If you can find a pair of dummy legs (connected to a dummy torso) lying around, then all you need to do is dress it with a pair of pants and shoes (getting them on the cheap from a thrift shop might help). Place the dummy under your principal's rear car bumper, with the legs sticking out for all to see. Optionally, sprinkle some red food dye on and around the dummy.

2. Murder, in Principal

Your principal arrives to work as usual on a Monday morning. As he drives up to his carpark, he notices something wrong. What's all that yellow police tape doing around my carpark? Why the chalk outline- OMG who died?!

That's where you come in. Chalk can be bought from a stationery shop, while fake police tape can be bought from your local gag store or online. Come in early, do it quick (it can be done more quickly with friends), and clear out before your principal comes in. It helps if you're friends with campus security or janitors (basically anyone who could dismantle your high school prank before it sees the light of day).

3. Fake Event Posters

No event brings out the chuckles more than a fake event that's so fake you'll know it's fake the moment you see it (okok, no more 'fake'). Create a poster for a 'bring a pet to school' day, or an audition for 'Hitler, the musical' (bring your swastika's). Maybe even a 'Nudie Friday' event might work. The posters will be funny enough to read. It'll be even funnier if someone actually shows up ready for the event! Be sure to make many copies and paste it around discreetly.

4. Dry, Colorful Hands

For this high school prank, you'll need some brightly colored powder paint and some tissue paper. You may find the paint from your school's art supply, or you may get your own elsewhere. Place the powder paint on the tissue, then tape it into the air intake. When the next unsuspecting user tries to dry his or her hands, wet hands + powder paint = a colorful mess!

5. That Time of the Month, Now!

What would you think of if you flushed and saw that the liquid is pure crimson red?

(a) Ghost!
(b) Oh no, I pooped so much blood that I'm still flushing blood.
(c) Huh?!?
(d) That time of the month again (if you're a girl).
(e) Someone put some food dye in the toilet cistern.

More often than not, people rarely think of option (e) unless they've been pranked this way before. And if you play this in the school toilet, you can bet that some poor fool is going to fall for it. It's a simple high school prank. Take red food die, drip some into the cistern (i.e. the water tank). It'll spread out evenly in the water. To get people to start talking about it, do it to every toilet.

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