Pranks to Play at School: 7 prank ideas for the bored in class.

I know, school is boring so you're looking for pranks to play at school. Here are a few of classics that you should try.

1. Paper On The Seat Prank

The objective of this prank is to get a piece of paper with a message to stick on your friend's buttocks without him or her realizing it. To achieve this, we're going to use color paper. Some color papers in the arts and crafts supplies store have color on one side and is white on the other. Purchase one that looks close to the shade of color of your victim's chair. Cut off a piece and write your message on the white side (e.g. "Kick Me!"). Then apply some glue to the colored side and place it on your victim's chair.

Of course, no matter how well you pick the color, there's going to be a small difference in both color and texture. So that's where you come in to distract your victim as he sits down. Talk to him and keep his eye contact on you as he sits down. Once he sits down, excuse yourself elsewhere and enjoy the results of your effort.

2. Frostie

If you spray a can of aerosol deodorant held upside down with the nozzle very near your victim's skin, you can create blisters on your victim's skin. I'm not going to go into the scientific details of why this happens, but I will tell you that the temperature of the spray is below freezing water.

3. Thumbtack

For this classic prank, you can either place a thumbtack or a few caltrops made of staplers (shown in the picture). There are two ways for either of these pranks to play at school successfully: 1. Let your victim sit down un-distracted, and risk your victim finding out the tack you left. 2. Distract your victim as he or she is sitting down to maximize your chances of nailing the prank (pun intended). Unfortunately, you're likely to be caught if you take approach number 2 if you can't control your laughter when your victim sits down.

4. Pantsing

In pantsing, you'll be suddenly removing the pants or skirt of your victim. I've seen 2 variations of this prank being played out in the past. In the first variation, the prankster sneaked up behind his victim and gave a really hard tug, effectively removing the pants in a flash. In the second variation, a group of pranksters ganged up on the birthday boy and removed his pants, then threw it off the edge (class was at the third floor). Of course, they kindly provided him a box to cover himself while retrieving his pants. If you want, you could always add a few words on the box for your victim.

Please note that of all pranks to play at school, you should be careful in selecting a victim for this one. If your victim isn't sporting, you could get into some serious trouble.

5. "Kick me"

Well, we've talked about placing some paper on the seat. Now here's one of the classic kick-me pranks to play at school that everyone should try at least once in their life. It's simple - just write "Kick Me!" on a piece of paper and tape the top of it. Go up to your victim and give them a nice 'pat in the back' with that same piece of paper. This prank takes some practice, so you'll probably fail the first few times until you perfect your back patting touch.

6. Kancho!

Kancho is one of those weird pranks of Japanese origins. Of course, I mean weird in a good and entertaining way. Basically, you need to clasp your hands together and point out both index fingers together (as shown in the picture). Using that same index finger, sneak up behind your victim and poke it up his or her butt and shout "Kan-cho!". It might get poop on your fingers, but hey, it's still one of the possible pranks to play at school.

7. Bug In A Pen Cap

This is a really simple prank, but pranks like these can have a great effect if used on the right person at the right time. As the title suggests, you'll be hiding a bug in a pen cap. The pen cap could be yours or could belong to your victim - your choice. However, be sure to pick someone who's actually afraid of bugs, otherwise this prank would just go flat.

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