The Agility Test Prank

by Sam

The other day, my drama teacher taught us this awesome new prank to pull on anyone, anywhere, at any time of the day. You tell the person you want to prank that it's an agility test. Hold your arm out in front of you and explain to the victim that they need to duck under your arm without touching it as many times as they can within a minute.... with their eyes closed! When you say "Go!", the person should start ducking under your hand. As soon as they do this, walk off and leave them standing there ducking under nothing. It makes them look like an idiot and it's really funny!

Here's the situation. My bestie and I pulled it on our Youth Group Leader. It was hilarious! Afterwards, she told us that she has something planned for us both! We declared that we would get her first because she's so gullible.

So basically it's on like donkey kong! We need a prank that we can pull on her for more laughs. We need one that we can pull without using any materials and it has to be a good one, much like the Agility Test. Any suggestions?


Damien: First, my hats off to your drama teacher for thinking up such a great prank idea. Second, good job pulling off the prank idea, Sam (and your bestie, of course!). I'll think of something and post it up for you soon in the comments.

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Apr 18, 2015
by: Anymous

Cool prank but what if they get look

Mar 27, 2011
Here are some suggestions
by: Damien

Now that your Youth Group Leader (or YGL) is aware that you're going to strike first, pranks that need your victim to play along like the Agility won't work, unless someone else is willing to play it for you.

I'm also guessing that you want your pranks to leave your YGL looking silly like the last prank. So here are a few suggestions:

If you're really strict on no materials, well, challenge your YGL to "touch your nose and your tongue". Be sure to use that exact phrase, and while you say it, use your finger to point to your tongue upwards to your nose. She'll probably assume you meant "touch your nose WITH your tongue". After she tries and, hopefully, fails, show off the answer to your YGL - touch both your tongue and your nose with your fingers.

If you're not so strict on materials (these are really easy to get), you can try these:

Try Ash Face, use a little dirt instead if you can't get charcoal.

Trace the coin

If you have access to a computer, introduce a fun game or video to her:

Please Hold My Rope - disguise it at a school project you need help with. All you need is a rope or measuring tape.

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