Play pranks on friends - 5 Fun Prank Ideas

Looking to play pranks on friends of yours? Here are 5 hilarious prank ideas for you to try out on them! Have fun!

1. Ice cube down shirt

This is a really simple way to play pranks on a friend. Grab an ice cube from a freezer, head over to your friend and slip it down his shirt! Simple, classic and still hilarious!

2. Trace the Coin

In another classic way to play pranks on a friend, challenge your friend to a hand-eye coordination test with a coin. Ask him if he can trace a pencil around the coin without lifting his pointing finger from it. Then ask him to repeat the test with his other fingers. For the final test, ask him to see if he can roll the coin down from his forehead to his chin directly in the middle. He probably won't realize that there's a long pencil mark on his face after completing your challenge.

Another way to do this is to prepare two identical coins for the prank, and trace the edge of one of them with a pencil. Roll the one that was not traced on your nose in front of your friend and tell him that you have another friend who can roll it from the forehead down to the chin. Bet with him that he can't do it. If he agrees to the bet, hand him the quarter which you dirtied earlier instead and watch him draw lines on his own face.

3. Sneeze on You

Wet your hand and then sneak up behind your friend. Pretend to sneeze on your friend and flick the water from your hand to the back of his neck at the same time. It's a great way to play pranks on a friend who's afraid of germs.

4. Ice Cube Fly

In this prank idea, you'll be placing ice cubes with 'flies' in them for your friend to find in his drink when he comes over for a visit. You'll need some fake flies that you can buy off the internet of at your local gag store. Prepare the prank by placing a fake fly into the the ice making tray, then pour water over it. Leave it to freeze in your freezer. Once it's done, take it out for use in your friend's drink the next time he comes by. It's a really great way to play pranks on friends who love to crunch on ice.

5. Pointing out the Fake Booger

For this prank idea, point out to your friend that he has some booger hanging out of his nose. Of course, there's no booger, but he'll definitely try to rub it off. Keep saying that he hasn't got it and watch him rub his nose until he catches on, or checks a mirror.

Aren't these great ways to play pranks on friends? Enjoy!

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