9 neighbor revenge prank ideas

Do you have monsters for neighbors? Consider indulging in some of these neighbor revenge pranks or just read them for laughs as you fantasize doing these to them. Your call.

1. Green Grass Graffiti

Want to write something on your pesky neighbor's perfectly kept lawn that will stay there for a long time? You'll need to get some whitish powdered fertilizer that suits your neighbor's lawn. In the dead of the night, go over to your neighbor's lawn and write the words with the fertilizer. There are two approaches thereafter.

You can either let your neighbor see your message in white fertilizer and let him wash it off himself, or you can wash it off with water for him. Either way, the fertilizer will probably make some of the grass greener than the others, and make it stand out! If you're going to wash it off for him, you might like to reinforce your efforts for a few days, just to make sure. Washing it off for your neighbor takes longer for the message to grow, but it's a definitely sneakier and funnier neighbor revenge prank.

2. Grass Murderer

Forgive the pun, but I just couldn't resist it! Yes, if you have a neighbor who has wronged you, you can get even by making him kill his own lawn without realizing it. If your neighbor waters the garden with a hose, stuff the hose with grass-killers. When he next waters the lawn, bald spots will show up here and there eventually. For this neighbor revenge prank, if at first you don't succeed, try and try again.

3. Carrots

Seed some "weeds" that don't die when sprayed with weed killers on your neighbor's lawn with this neighbor revenge prank. Get some carrot seeds from your local garden shop and sprinkle them in your victim's yard. Over time the carrots will start growing and your victim might mistake them for weeds. As mentioned, they don't die when sprayed with weed killer, so your victim will have to pull them out one by one.

4. Butter Floor

Buttering the floor never really gets old and works most of the time. However, be aware that the risk of injury is very high in this neighbor revenge prank, and you should never play this prank in a house with old people, or people in fragile physical conditions. Simply take some butter and butter up the front and back door of your neighbor's house. Best done in the cover of the night.

5. Demolish the House - Very Risky

Put up an ad in the help section of a newspaper or a popular online ad site for your victim's area. In the ad, you will be posing as your victim to recruit people to help demolish his house. Include the address, but not the contact number. State the date and time for people to show up for the job, about 6am Saturday is usually a good time, since your victim will be asleep.

The objective of this prank is to just annoy your neighbor with people flooding in for the job at an ungodly hour. However, this prank may escalate into something else if your neighbor happens to be away. Some of the potential candidates may decide to do the job first and get paid later without the green light from your neighbor, so your neighbor might just end up with a totaled house. So just read and don't do this one unless you intend to cause serious damage to the house.

6. Dumb Filthy Subscriber

You could subscribe to naughty or outright disturbing magazines addressed to your victim to get him into trouble if he had family. What if he's single and staying alone? Wouldn't make sense to send him stuff on your dime for nothing.

Why not subscribe to these magazines in his name but address it to his other neighbor? The receiving neighbor will think that your victim is disgusting and too stupid to fill up his correct address on the subscription form.

7. Biker party

If you have a flair for creating posters, you can advertise a non-existent party on behalf of your neighbor. Be creative and advertise features and events that will attract a target crowd that your neighbor may not like (such as biker gangs). For example you can promote the party with a "free flow of beer" or a "Hot Biker Chick" contest along with the party. Also remember to mention a specific time and your neighbor's address.

Once you have your fliers ready, distribute them along places where your target people hang out (biker bars, in this case). Get ready for the fun when the bikers show up for the "party". Chances are your neighbor won't let them in, but if they do hang around to party on the lawn you can complain to the cops or your neighbor's landlord about the rowdy party.

8. Bird Call

Want to make your neighbors think that there's a bird in the house when there really isn't? Get an electronic bird call and plant it in their house. You can get one from stores that sell retail store display fixtures, or online. Try eBay.

There are varieties that can be powered by a small 9V battery and the call itself is rather easy to hide. Get one that allows you to select the time interval between calls. Test it for realism. If it does sound realistic, you're on your way to driving your victim nuts looking for a non-existing bird.

9. Soap In The Hose

If you're a seriously value all living things, including grass, here's an alternative to stuffing grass-killer into the garden hose. Pour detergent inside instead, so the next time your victim grabs it to do anything, he'll be hosing soap all over his target (be it the lawn or the car.

Don't let him find out that you played this neighbor revenge prank or you'll probably be the one getting more than a good hosing. Enjoy!

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