Bathroom Pranks: 14 bathroom ideas for the flush toilet - Pranks 5 to 9

There are many a bathroom prank you can play, really. Here are 14 to get you started.

5. Cling Wrapped Toilet Bowl

This prank idea is a classic. Spread cling wrap and wrap it taut around over the toilet bowl opening, under the toilet seat. Close the toilet seat over it once you've set your trap. It works best for middle of the night-time peeing when your victim can't really see what's going on. Either a poop or a pee is going to be really messy thanks to the wrap, so get your alibi ready or be prepared to clean up!

6. Fake Poop

This is another classic bathroom prank that can be used just about anywhere. Get your hands on some fake poop (more on that later). You can either lay it in a bathroom in your own home, or in a friend's home. If it's in your own home, you can own up to making the mess once it's discovered. Quickly volunteer to clean it up in front of witnesses, then pick it up with your bare hands, and for added effect, give it a lick and pretend to chew on it (a part not in contact with the seat, of course). Or throw it at your bystander.

If it's at your friend's house, leave a hidden small message under the poop. Your friend discovering the prank is funny enough. You might like to add fart spray in this case to make it seem more authentic. It would be quite a blast if you can manage to leave 1 poop on each toilet seat in the house.

Back to the fake poop. You can either use melted chocolate or use fake poop that you can purchase from the gag store here.The downside to chocolate is that it's not portable and quick enough, plus it won't look as convincing when it dries up due to its shine and texture. Get a realistic looking artificial feces. It's worth the investment in laughs.

7. Bendy Straw Jet

You know how water rushes out into the bowl from the water tank every time you flush? It comes out from a small hidden outlet that's hidden right under the rim of the toilet bowl. This bathroom prank was designed to redirect some of the flow of that water to your victim's butt, using a bendy straw!

Cut the straw short to roughly equal lengths along the bendy part (as illustrated). Stick the bendy straw into the little hidden outlet. If you can't find it, flush the toilet and see where the main stream of water is coming from. You might like to tape the bendy straw to the bowl to hold it in place. Needless to say, keep your work well hidden from sight.

8. Throw Pop

Remember those throw pops that popped upon impact when you threw them? The most popular brand where I come from was Pop Pop, as shown above. If you can get your hands on these, you can tape some of these poppers under the toilet seat. Needless to say your target will be shocked by the acoustics when he or she sits down.

9. Squirt Toilet Seat

The picture above shows a variety of the Squirt Toilet that will be used in this prank idea. Small and discreet, it offers the ability to fill it up with almost any type of liquid (try food dye to make it stain your victim's skin) at your desired temperature. All the varieties of this toy that I've seen have an identical design. There's a suction cup to attach it to the rim of the toilet bowl.

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