Bathroom Pranks: 14 ideas for the flush toilet - Pranks 10 to 14

There are many a bathroom prank you can play, really. Here are 14 to get you started.

10. Vaseline seat

This prank idea is really easy to setup. Just apply a thin layer of Vaseline on the toilet seat. Make sure it blends into the seat's natural texture (smoothness and shine, for instance) so you won't arouse any suspicion from your victim. It'll give them that uncomfortable feeling you can get from having a greasy butt.

11. Toilet Squirt

For this bathroom prank, there's a tube in the toilet tank that is connected to a valve that controls water flow into the tank. Open up and look into the tank and flush and you'll be able to see water coming out from it. If there's already a tube connecting it that's long enough, great. Otherwise you'll need to attach a straw to it with tape like the guys in the video. Make sure you point it towards the seat and hide it. Also use some folded paper to prop up the tank cover so that the tube or straw doesn't get squished shut.

12. Foaming Toilet

For this bathroom prank, you're going to need Sodium Iodide (goes into the bowl) and Hydrogen Peroxide (goes into the tank). You can get these chemicals from a lab supply store online. The next person to flush on your pranks gets an overflowing toilet.

13. Jello Bowl

The objective in this prank is to make simulated 'water' out of jelly that will take your victim by surprise when they try to use the toilet bowl. There are several types for you to choose from, depending on how long you expect the toilet bowl to be unoccupied. In both cases, use the clear, no color types.

If you want to use gelatin, like most websites suggest, you'll need to make sure that the toilet is unoccupied for about 24 to 36 hours. That's about the time it takes for the gelatin to harden after you pour in the gelatin mix. Once you pour in the mix, make sure you do a bit of stirring so that the mix is even. I don't think gelatin will work in warmer climates as it takes roughly 15 degrees centigrade to get gelatin to set from what I know.

For faster results, I suggest that you use agar which is a seaweed based product. It should take about 20 to 30 seconds to set which is a lot faster than gelatin. Preparing it takes a bit more work too, unfortunately. You'll need to soak it in water for 10 to 15 minutes. Bring the solution to boil then stir it while it simmers until the agar dissolves completely. Takes about 5 minutes to do so for powder, and about 10 to 15 minutes for the flake form. The usual usage is about 2 teaspoons for 600ml, so I suggest you use 4 teaspoons to account for the extra water in the bowl.

If you want to evacuate the water in the bowl first, fill a large pail full of water and pour a steady stream into the bowl from a height. The water pressure should force most of the water in the bowl into the pipes.

If you want to try konjac or konnyaku jelly, the procedure is pretty much the same except that you need to boil the mix for 3 minutes, and add some limewater to add into the boiling jelly mix. The limewater is made by mixing a quarter teaspoon of pickling lime to 5 tablespoons of water. Beware, konjac is difficult to break up so you'll need to scoop it up!

14 Reverse Jello bowl

If you would rather not have your target take a dump on the jelly, use the konjac jelly recipe in the previous prank idea with some yellow food coloring. Add in some fake poop you can purchase from a gag store to the solution once you've poured it into the bowl. The next user will probably try to flush it away in vain as the water will accumulate and start to fill the toilet bowl. It'll be hilarious if the victim freaks out at this bathroom prank.

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