Phantom Spider

by Greg
(Orange County, CA)

Get a 2' thin reed (from a crafts store etc.), attach a thin piece of twine or even a doubled-up piece of sewing thread about 12-18" long at one end of the reed. On the other end of the twine/thread attach a 4-5" piece of fuzzy yarn. The device is ready for the prank. Keep hidden until immediate use.

Set-up the prank by acting as though you are looking for something behind couch pillows, under bed pillows, behind headboards, behind bedroom drapes, even using a flashlight to look in the nearest corner of the ceiling to the victim's side of the bed or couch. Ask them to help look for the 'giant' red and black hairy spider you saw earlier that jumped at you when you came close to it. Really sell the fact it was big - hairy - and fast! When you can't find it, (because it never was), drop the subject until the victim is completely relaxed. Works best at bedtime when they are trying to fall asleep facing away from you. Grab your hidden 'spider device' and silently extend the reed, twine, and fuzzy yarn strip so that you can dangle and 'drag' the yarn end across their face, cheek, forehead, ... anywhere there is exposed skin. It perfectly mimics a large moving insect or spider. Stand back and .....
Watch them freak!

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