8 Anonymous Revenge Practical Jokes

You're probably only reading this anonymous revenge pranks article to find a way to get even without being detected. Here, you'll find a way that will most likely keep you anonymous. It will also be unlikely to harm another person or his property. Of course, your victim will feel harassed and you'll get a good laugh and satisfaction from it. However, be warned that there may be legal consequences as a result of playing these pranks if you are caught. In other words, these pranks are best played in your imagination.

1. Denial of Service

In this anonymous prank, you'll be harnessing the power of a thousand horn-dog geeks to flood your victim's cellphone and e-mail. Okay, I'm just exaggerating, but you'll probably be able to harness enough geeks to deprive your victim of these basic services. You'll need your victim's e-mail address and phone number, of course.

You'll first need to scour the net for non-professional shots of the cutest girl you can find on the web, then grab her photos. You'll be creating a fake profile using these photos on another social website that's local to your victim. The best profile shots show a little flesh on the cleavage, but does not expose the whole thing.

Now start adding some guys to get the ball rolling and flirt with them. Eventually, sites that show new member profiles will help direct more horn-dog geeks to your direction. Add all of them, and eventually ask them to e-mail you or call you past midnight. Of course, the details you provide will be your victim's.

Important: Don't do this prank from your home computer if you want anonymous revenge, otherwise you can be traced. Do it from an internet cafe, public library computer or from a free wifi hub.

2. Fake advert on Craigslist

If your victim is a guy, you can try out this prank. You'll need to create a bogus e-mail and advertise for male to male 'intimate encounters' on a site like Craigslist. Convince them to go to your victim's workplace to pick him up for an early lunch and a 'quickie' later on - at 11am. It'll probably be hilarious with so many guys waiting for 'fresh meat'.

3. Door Flood

Do you have a bad neighbor who happens to have a front door that leans inwards? Lean a pail of dirty water (or urine, if you have a huge score to settle) against the door in the dead of the night. Ring the doorbell, and then quickly retreat. If you really want this to stay as an anonymous revenge, I recommend that you don't stay to watch.

4. Denial of Service 2

You've stuffed your victim's e-mail inbox, his voice mailbox and clogged up his phone line. Now it's time to clog up his snail mailbox. If you have his business address, sign up for lots of spammy mails and newsletters. There are also a number of free correspondence courses by mail that you can sign your victim up for online.

5. Restaurant reservation

Found out that your victim has a restaurant reservation and a popular joint? Call up and cancel the reservation for your victim! It's a simple and easy anonymous revenge prank, and probably one of the safest to pull off as well.

6. Order Services

Flood your victim's home with appointments. Book plumbers, air conditioning service men and other service providers on the same day during a time you know your victim will be at home. To top it off, order some pizza for them close to that time too and watch them scramble to handle the crisis as these people demand to be paid.

7. Fake Rental Ads

Again, flood your victim with appointments, except this one will be at odd hours. Advertise your victim's place for rent at a low price and state explicitly that no phone calls will be entertained. Request for an interview at odd hours, e.g. 5am to 8am on a Saturday morning.

8. Religious Requests

Contact your local aggressive religion, e.g. Mormons or Jehovah's witnesses branch and pose as your victim. Say you want to find out more and request for them to come over to your victim's house.

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