Taco Bell bye

by Egg Whites
(USA )

So my friend, let's say her name is Annie, dared me to call Taco Bell and set up a reservation.

So.. I called them up, and in a really deep voice I was like, "My name is Steve. I'd like to place a reservation for 9:30 pm tonight. Please have one of each of everything on the menu on my table. I'll have a few bros with me."

It worked it was hilarious! 🤣

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Mar 12, 2018
duh NEW
by: Anonymous

this is stupid cause they would make you paay for everytinhg

Jan 28, 2018
eels in the toilette NEW
by: Anonymous

go to bait shop, buy small brown eels, sleek them into your friends toilettes, both if they have 2 ... then wait for them to use the toillet, bring a lot of beer or coolaid if non drinker, so they have to pee alot. and watch n wait. get your video camera ready... first ask them to check the other bathroom, and follow them inside bathroom, and video the screams and outrage... they be calling there neighbors, n the water and sewerage company ... at that point you say you be been pranked...

Jan 15, 2018
Your moms gay. NEW
by: David Schwimmer

You're fartknockers. They're not gonna have one of everything ready.

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