7 bridal shower gag gifts - and some hilarious gag ideas!

Organizing a wedding can be stressful, and that’s where bridal shower gag gifts come in! If you know the bride well, she may appreciate the stress relief from the humor and fun that comes from well-thought-out gift. So here you go then, we have seven crazy ideas for you to try at the next bridal shower!

1. Shockingly naughty

The importance of a good sex life is not to be underestimated for married couples. So being a good friend that you are, get a copy of the Illustrated Guide to a Better Sex Life Shock Book for the bride-to-be. As soon as she tries to sneak a peek, she’ll make a, um, literally shocking discovery. You can also conspire with the bride afterward to use this bridal shower gag gift to see who’s naughty at the bridal shower. Leave the copy out and count the seconds until you hear a surprised gasp from a curious victim!

2. Honeymoon survival kit

Here’s a hilarious bridal shower gag gift idea. Create a honeymoon survival kit specifically aimed at helping the happy couple stoke their passion. Then add some interesting items like a miniature fire extinguisher for putting out accidental flames, a few “Do Not Disturb” signs/tapes, and a labeled, empty bottle for lubricants. Be sure to include a short note explaining how to use the items in the kit in a witty, joking manner.

3. Meat cake

For this bridal shower gag gift, you’ll need to have the maid of honor in on the prank. Tell the bride-to-be that you’ll prepare a special cake for the shower as a gift, then surprise her with a meatloaf cake (opens in new window). Make sure the meatloaf is shaped into a square or round shape though, so that it would look like a cake.

As for the cake, you will have to add frosting to disguise the meatloaf cake. You can use whipped potato with added food coloring for this, and spread it evenly across the meatloaf Use a different color in another batch of whipped potato to write well wishes and stuff on the “cake”. This is the chance for you to be creative in making the cake look authentic and pull this prank successfully.

After the cake is ready, you can either have the bride-to-be cut it or cut it yourself for serving. The latter would allow you to play this bridal shower prank on the guests at the same time. Once they bite in, they’re in for a surprise. Have a really nice cake ready though; you don’t want to ruin the party!

4. Fake hand

This bridal shower gag gift idea requires some preparation. A day before the shower, ask a friend who is in on the prank to tell the bride-to-be that you were involved in a minor accident but will be able to attend anyway. Then get a fake hand that comes with fake blood and pack it in a transparent plastic bag. Then gift-wrap it and take it to the bridal shower.

Don’t forget to bandage your hand to make it look like a stump and pretend that it’s causing you a lot of pain. Some makeup to make you look pale and sickly would be excellent. As you give the bride-to-be the gift, offer some words on how the gift constitutes a part of you as a sign of your wishing her happiness. After the shocking discovery of your “hand”, remember to give the bride your real gift!

5. Party-pooper

If the bride-to-be loves animals but doesn’t have a pet yet, here’s a perfect bridal shower gag gift for the bride-to-be. Get an adorable puppy (or kitten, depending on her preference) and bring it to the bridal shower as a gift for her. Then as you offer the pretty little thing to the lucky lady, drop a realistic-looking fake poop from a gag store (the hard ones, not the smearing types) onto her clothes or feet! You may also want to have a friend on standby to capture the reaction on camera or video.

6. A “spare”, honey?

If you know the bride-to-be and guests well, try this bridal shower gag gift! Get an inflatable boyfriend and put on some naughty clothes on him before you bring him (fully inflated) to the shower. Wait until all the guests have arrived before you surprise her with your gift for maximum blushing and laughter. Be ready to explain things to the fiancé later though if he doesn’t find it amusing.

7. Ball and chain

We’ve all heard how they say getting married is like having a ball and chain fastened to your leg. Tease the couple and get a huge plastic ball and chain for them! For this bridal shower gag gift, make sure the ball has the word “marriage” in bright colors for added effect.

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