5 wedding shower gag gifts to show some love!

Wedding shower gag gifts are fun, because they allow you to catch the lucky couple by surprise and have a good laugh together! While discretion is necessary to avoid unintended and unfortunate consequences, a well thought out gag gift can add a little extra sparkle on a joyous occasion. Here are another five ideas for you to try.

1. “Helpful” supplies

Here’s a stimulating gag gift idea; give the lucky couple some aphrodisiacs for their honeymoon! Simply prepare a nice container (or a theme basket, depending on your preference) and fill it with funny and creatively chosen aphrodisiac foodstuff — be careful not to include perishables, though. Take the time to write suggestive tips in a joking manner to go with them. From good old chocolates to the exotic ginseng, it’s certain to bring laughter all around while being actually useful! A light-hearted, humorous card to complete your special gift won’t go amiss either.

2. Bed candies

While we’re on the subject of food, here’s another wedding gag gift idea for you to try. Get a container with a customized, hilarious label that is personalized for the couple and fill it with delicious candies to whet their “appetite”. But instead of regular candies, get naughty and erotic candies and chocolates! These are easily available on the internet, and you can use open source photo editing software to create the label.

If you want to buy these off the shelf, you can try Baron Bob's (opens new window). Please note that we're not affiliated in any way with Baron Bob's, nor do we endorse its quality.

3. Honey, are these for…me?

Many couples absolutely love matching clothes and outfits. Well, this hilarious wedding shower gag gift idea takes this to another level. Give the happy couple matching pajamas with a twist — matching cross-dressing pajamas.

The idea is to get feminine sleepwear for the groom and male sleepwear for the bride. You can easily get these off online stores that sell cross-dressing clothes. For added personal flavor, you can also customize the sleepwear with the couple’s pet names for each other (if you know them), or just simply with “Mr.” and “Mrs.”. This is one gag gift that the couple will never forget!

4. When in doubt, ask the dice!

All relationships will go through ups and downs; the journey strengthens the couple’s love to each other. But a little help along the way won’t go amiss! With that in mind, try this idea: give the couple a customized dice for solving arguments and debates.

For this particular wedding gag gift, you will have to put in some effort in making the dice. The basic idea is to purchase a blank dice online and customize it. Add hilarious answers and instructions on every side of the dice. Do remember to add in “Roll again”!

Click here to find out how to customize your own dice (opens new window). A simpler approach may be to print or hand draw stickers with your answers and instructions to stick on your blank dice.

5. The mankini

If you happen to know that the couple will be spending their honeymoon near a beautiful beach, then this is one wedding shower gag gift that is perfect for them. No (fun-)loving wife would pass the opportunity of seeing her husband in a Borat-style mankini! Clad in a lime green mankini, the groom will be easily spotted from a mile away — and not just because he’ll be blushing to his ears! This garment is easily available from many sellers across the internet.

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