by Makayla
(sydney, nsw, australia)

If you are looking for a good, easy prank, then you have come to the right place! You can pick unlimited ingredients off your shelf in the kitchen (as long as they won't do any harm, so don't try to get away with anything poisonous!), chuck 'em in a mixing bowl, stir it all up, make sure it looks good and call over your chosen victim and tell them something like: oh, I'm making a cake! Would you like to try some of the batter? Or you could poor it in 2 cups (so if you just give them an only cup then they might get suspicious so you have one for yourself) and say: I made you a milkshake (or whatever it looks like). The best way to do it is to make it look like whatever you are going to tell them it is. The best bit about this prank is that you can try it more than once! With remaining "cake batter", you can do the same thing with another person! But remember, always be backed up! There is a chance that the victim will ask: What type of cake is this? Or: What recipe are you following? Or: where are all the ingredients then? Well, if they ask what type of "cake" it is, you need to make up something that will work with it. e.g. if it is brown or looks slightly chocolatey, then tell them that it is a chocolate cake. If it looks creamy, tell them it's a vanilla cake or whatever it looks like. If they ask what recipe you are following, then it is good to print out a recipe for a normal cake before hand. But if your mixture looks creamy and vanilla-like, then don't print out a chocolate cake recipe. Also, have some of the ingredients required for the normal recipe that you are not following but using as a back-up ready around the bowl incase they ask where are the ingredients? These aren't the only things that you need to prepare, though. Think this whole thing through very carefully, because it would be extremely bad if they caught you out! This prank is super easy for everyone, even me! And I'm only 10 years old! But I tried this prank first when I was 8 so there you have it!
Thanks people who bothered to read this!!!

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