Trolololing the computer!

by Liam walker
(Stafford, VA, USA )

Alright, this one works at home or at school.
At school
find someone you really trust. get them to say something when your not looking (near a computer) then log onto the computer and press control alt and the down arrow on the arrow keys. Then put a piece of small paper on the mouse and put on tape. Then to make it funny draw something like Trololololol or noob! or even you suck! on the orange part of the mouse on the bottom, you do control alt and the up arrow to restore the upside down computer.
At home
do the same thing but you don't really need a lookout unless you have loads of untrustworthy siblings, and even then, you most likely wont need it. Oh yeah, and make it you're sisters computer and try to forget how to restore the upside down screen. And make sure... that you have prank happy parents that don't look up random pranks because they will either ground you or stop your sisters misery. :(.
by Liam Walker age 9.
P.S i am not responsible for your sisters misery or you getting grounded.

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