This really worked for me!!

by Jack
(Columbus, Oh)

I was seeing this girl who I thought was really nice and honest but I starting hearing and seeing things like she was stepping out on me and lying about it and the really bad thing she was also doing the same to some other guys. She was nothing more than a cheap gold digging skank. I saw this thing on Ebay where this company would send her a bag of hawaiian lava and she would have bad luck or something because of some legend or something. Other sites also said the same thing that it is bad luck when they brought back sand or lava from there so I thought for cost why not it was cheap and sent her one. I saw the day it was delivered to her and I swear crap started to happed and I can't make this up. She got into a real bad car crash and broke both her legs then her house was robbed and the really funny part was they also stole her wheel chair. Her brothers truck caught fire and burned up totally. She just found out her so called best friend was screwing her bf in her apartment on her bed no less and now word is she is being evicted. Can't say if it is just a coincidence or because of the legend but if it is that is the best thing I ever gave her!!! She deserves every bit of it and I hope more crap happens to her and according to the legend until she returns it to hawaii shit will continue to happen.

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