The WTF everything prank

by Zack

first,your victim needs to be in a deep sleep don't do this RIGHT when they are asleep wait about 20 to 30 minutes.Your gonna need a fake spider,a pole,TONS of little plastic (or paper) cups,2 fake rats,baby oil,baby powder,string,plastic wrap,little green army and indian men,1 alarm clock,about 2 friends,a timed camera,and 2 HUGE ASS buckets! second when there asleep crack there door open a little and fill the bucket with water (be careful when coming out of the room!)then have your paper(or plastic) cups and put them all over the room and fill them with water(leave an opening),then have your friends put the army men on the ground and put the indians on the bed then tie them to the bed! next take the fake rats and put them in their shoes or socks then take the pole and the spider and tie the spider to the pole then dangle it right in front of their face (but dont wake them!) take the other bucket and fill it w baby powder and put it next to the other bucket(wait till ur done w everything else!)take the baby oil and put it on the area thats free to walk then take the alarm clock under the pillow then take your plastic wrap and cover the out side of the door and put the camera on the wall wait for your victim to wake up itll be funny as hell! XD >:) >:D

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