the ghost prank

by alicea camden

my best friend is always pranking me and I can never get her back because I cant hide in good places! one day I finally got her back really good heres how I did it: step 1 go grab a balloon and find a good hiding spot. blow up the balloon and wait for your victim to approach you when you see them coming pop the balloon make sure you pop it before they have fully approached you. step 2: because you popped the balloon they will jump back which will get you ready a bit so when they fully approach you scream as loud as you can and try to make your voice sound different and yell "HELP MEEEEE!!!!!!" they will immediately look around and come running to help come out casually they will spot you and ask "did you hear that?" reply with "no what was it?" they will say "a scream calling for help" just respond with "you need to see a doctor then walk off. my best friend still thinks I'm crazy for not hearing it LOL :)

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