Stinky situation!!!!!

When your sister has a friend over doesn't she always be mean to you to try to show off?
We'll its time to get her back! First you need to get a bag(any kind of bag) and put her favorite snack in it then while she's eating it go to her room and put the most discussing smelling things in her room and hid them really good(like in her closet,under her computer,under her bed on the side she always sleeps in and put it in the crack, in her pillow cases,or anywhere else and see her expression when she walks in her room

P.S.- only do it if you have like 30 minutes or more unless your really quick or have everything layed out already

Here's some more ideas- put some things on the fan and when she puts the fan on they will fall and she will think that's whats the smell, put it on top of her closet, in the curtains of the window if it doesn't fall out,under her dresser in one of her drawers in her dressers,and last put it half way in the air blower but make sure she can't see it ^_^

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