Stink Bomb Perfume Prank

by Kayla Olivia Moore
(Lynnwood WA 190 maple street)

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Are you trying to make your victim smell nasty for his or her's night out?

Well don't worry, we've got you under control

The Stink Bomb is what you need

Things you'll need to make your prank a complete success!
1. Stink Bomb
2. Perfume

Take the top off your victim's perfume before adding stink bomb to it
Then, pour the stink bomb into the perfume
Put the perfume top back on and place the perfume on a bathroom shelf or cupboard
When your victim goes to the bathroom, place a camera on the toilet and hide it with a few towels or just one
When your victim sprays himself or herself with the perfume
BOOM! They're in for a big surprise!

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