by abigael
(virgina falls church )

Okay hey folks! now April fools day is just right around the corner ready to hear?? I was in the bathroom putting plastic and clear wraping from glad the company.So i put in my sisters lip gloss she kept trying to put it on but she did not have any one on she messed up her lip gloss and some of it was on her checks and then instead i put colored pencil instead of eye liner she tried and tried put a little showed up then all of blue pink and red was on her face it was hilarious we were gonna be late for school she didnt bother too look in the mirror sense shes in high school she went and everyone called her clown even the TEACHERS!! well the teachers really didnt mean it cause they wanted a laugh but belive me it was hilarious she came home mad and said WHO DID THIS?? she asked my two bro they said no she asked my one sis she said no then is was me i said yes then she slapped me and did one to me she put two dead fish in my backpack then i said U GOT ME.

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