Sweet revenge: 5 revenge tricks to get even

Sometimes, using revenge tricks is a better way of getting even instead of going down the Karate Kid path. Here are five revenge prank ideas for you to try on a deserving target.

1. Vomit in my ears

Here’s a revenge prank idea for that annoyingly cheesy bully. Find an opportunity to gain access to his cell phone. A few seconds will be enough for you to pull this off. Open the cell phone cover and quickly insert a thin slice of parmesan cheese before you close it back. Make sure there are no signs of your deed, though.

Before long, his cell phone will smell like vomit. Everyone in the vicinity will be able to smell it; they will assume that it’s somehow his fault. Best of all, it may take him a while before he figures it out. This prank idea can also work with microphone or receiver cover on his desk phone.

2. Cell phone jammer

This revenge trick is another way to get at your victim through his cell phone. For this revenge idea to work, you need a cell phone jammer. The small, handheld personal mini jammers available on the market would be perfect.

The next time you visit the victim’s house, look around and see if there’s a good, hidden spot for your jammer. Shortly before you leave, quietly turn it on and hide it there. Your victim will not be able to use his cell phone as long as your jammer is active. This revenge prank is particularly sweet if you know your victim uses his cell phone all the time.

3. The Trojan Teddy

You know those wireless hidden camera teddy bears? They’re great for catching your victim’s embarrassing private moments on video. For this revenge trick, get one of those Nanny Cam teddy bears and give it to your victim as a present. Then make a video of the recording and post it anonymously on YouTube (be sure to pass the link around though).

Some teddy bears nowadays also come with built-in microphone. So you can also record private conversations that weren’t meant for public exposure. Be careful though, this revenge prank can have far-reaching consequences for your victim.

4. Bad cold cuts

For this revenge trick, you’ll need a few layers of cold cuts (deli meats). While the victim is away, quickly hide the layers under large items like computer monitors or printers. Cold cuts go bad quickly when not refrigerated, so before long your victim’s place will reek with the offensive smell of spoiled meat. Hiding several layers at different places mean the victim will have to search everywhere to find them.

5. The Annoy-o-tron

An Annoy-o-tron is a small but powerful tool for annoying the hell out of your victim. It generates short, annoying beeps at irregular intervals which makes it hard to to locate by timing the sound. Find a good, secluded spot at your victim’s home. Then turn this little guy on and hide it well. This revenge prank idea would also work at your victim’s office.

Since it’s almost impossible to discern its location by listening to its seemingly random beeps, your victim will go crazy! But here’s the icing on the cake. An Annoy-o-tron can run for up to four weeks on a single battery, so sit back and watch as this revenge trick slowly parts your victim from his sanity.

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