Retirement gag gift: 5 ideas that you have to try!

The right retirement gift can be hard to find; the perfect retirement gag gift is even more so! With the right gag gift, the retirement party need not be a sad parting of friends. Here we have five funny ideas for you to try.

1. Old-timer award

Is a long-time colleague retiring soon? Then this retirement gift may be the perfect prank idea. After so many years of service, it is only right that the retiree receive “recognition” for making it this far; recognition beyond mere congratulations. Present him with a custom-made certificate awarding them the “Old-Timer Appreciation Award”! (The award can be customized according to your preference).

There are many templates for this kind of award across the internet. Of course, it would be remiss for you not to make customizations! Fit in personal or inside jokes, depending on the recipient’s personality. You can also add in humorous lines commenting on “notable” achievements or actions in a joking manner. Be careful though, some colleagues may find the age issue offensive so it may be best to get a second opinion on whether this gag gift is appropriate.

2. Decision Dice

Adjusting to life after retirement can be difficult. With so much free time on their hands, how will they decide what to do first? Well here’s something to help them decide. Give the lucky retiree a special decision-making dice!

For this gag gift, you will need a custom-made dice. You can make one yourself with the numerous guides available on the internet, or get a large, empty dice from a gag store. Put different decisions on each side (printed stickers or spray on or carvings?) of the dice, but remember to save one side for “Roll again”.

The fun part is thinking up hilarious options for the dice. You can base the options based on the recipient’s personality, interests, hobbies, quirks and tendencies. It might also be a good idea to interchange regular activities like “Watch TV” with funny pokes like “Look for missing keys”!

3. Business card (retirement style)

Business cards are important, since they tell people who you are and what you do. Even after retiring from your job, it’s important to keep the information on your business card relevant and up-to-date. So what better gift for the retiree than a custom-made set of retirement business cards?

The fun part of this retirement gag gift is that you can customize the card with hilarious lines and information snippets, like putting “Retired and Loving It!” where the job title is supposed to be. If the recipient has personality quirks or catchphrases, you can use that for some light-hearted fun! There are many template samples available across the internet that you can work with. Or you can also use graphic editing software to design your own.

4. Plaque of honor

This retirement gag gift is perfect for a retiree who is especially liked in the office and has a good sense of humor. Avoid boring gifts and give him a special plaque instead! But instead of commemorating the recipient’s name, achievements and years or service (like normal plaques), customize it with the retiree’s popular nickname around the office, notable events, pranks or memories, and the years of “fun-filled friendship”! This plaque would serve as a funny yet endearing reminder of the good times you’ve shared together.

5. World's longest coffee break!

Some say that retirement is the world’s longest coffee break. This retirement gag gift plays on this joke — get the retiree a “Longest Coffee Break” mug! Such mugs are easily available from your local gag store or from online sellers. You can also opt to customize a plain coffee mug for a more personal feel.

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