Another retirement gag gift idea? No, we have 5 for you!

We understand how the right retirement gag gift idea can be difficult to find. Well, you’re on the right website and reading the right article. Below we bring you another five great ideas to add some extra humor to the next retirement.

1. Personal news headline

Here’s a gag gift idea that anyone would love to get. Give the retiree his very own front-page (gag) newspaper headline! Customize it with a meaningful yet funny newspaper name. And don’t forget to personalize it further with a short, humorous feature story featuring the lucky guy and his retirement. A nice picture would fit in perfectly too. Feeling creative? Then do this yourself with the magic of Photoshop. Alternatively, many sellers across the internet offer this kind of customizable products at great prices for your convenience. Laminated and framed, this gift will last forever!

2. Gag best-selling retirement book

This retirement gag gift idea is similar to the news headline. But instead of a news headline, give him his very own best-selling retirement book instead. This involves creating a custom book cover featuring the retiree as the author. You can refer to real best-sellers for examples of what to include, like “reviews” praising the book and author. Take this chance to make the title, reviews, and summary as funny as possible!

This particular idea would require a little more effort on your part. So if time is short, you may want to turn to various online sellers who offer this type of customizable gag gifts instead. The actual “book” itself can be blank pages for a diary or journal.

3. Retirement party sash

Sometimes a lively retirement party is itself the farewell gift to the retiree. Add in some cheer and laughter with a special retirement party sash! These sashes are easily available from your local gag gift store or from online sellers. Be sure to choose appropriately funny wordings, like “Retired” on the front and “Now the fun begins” at the back.

Remember to match the color of the sash to the retirement party’s theme. You can also take pictures of the retiree wearing the sash in special poses. Then frame the funniest picture for him as a second retirement gag gift.

4. Retirement home doormat

Here’s a retirement gag gift that the retiree will, quite literally, never overlook: a retirement home doormat. A wide selection of such mats are available across the internet, with funny wordings and captions on the front. Most of them are made of strong, durable material too, so your gift will definitely last. Be careful not to offend anyone with the old age joke, though.

5. Retirement bumper sticker

Is the retiree the type who enjoys clever and funny bumper stickers? Here’s another retirement gag gift idea that will always be in sight; give him a special retirement bumper sticker. They are easily found online at great prices, and can be customized according to what you want. Some are large enough to fit in any kind of message, so you can put in funny, personal jokes about retirement!

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