Phone Fiasco

by Alianna Mae

Many people these days (especially teenagers) LOVE there phones. Just last year on April Fools Day my sister had a little bit of a surprise when her baby wasn't on the charger.

So what happened was she hid my most important thing ever owned by me- my bear that my grandparents gave to me. She hid it in her suitcase, and I was the saddest person on the planet. So to get her back, I hid her phone or her little child.

When her phone was out of her reach, I took it and very carefully hid it under the cat litter in the cat box. Luckily it was clean, and she wouldn't be TOO mad. She was looking around for it and I started to laugh. She looked everywhere- even in the toilet! It was the best day ever.

She ended up never finding it until about four weeks later. Then I got grounded, so you might not wanna hide it in your cat's waste box.

Places you can hide it is under a hat or under a couch cushion.

Thank you for reading this

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