No Way Out

by Leo
(New Hampshire)

If your sister (or roommate, or whatever) is really tired at night, or you could do this anytime, really, you can make her think she can't get out of her room. The best time to prepare it is at night. This will only work if her door opens from the inside. It might take a while, though. Take some big pieces of poster board (or cardboard, or paper, or whatever works) and start drawing a brick pattern all over the paper. Try to make it look as realistic as possible. Color the bricks red, but you want to make some of them gray, and make the "cement" an off-white color. At night, when she's getting her "beauty sleep", tape the paper over her door(s). If you want to go even further with this prank, put a large wardrobe (probably filled with heavy rocks, or bricks so she really can't get out) up against her door. She'll probably try to push her way out, though, but depending on how strong they are, will determine if she will get out and seek her revenge.

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