Neighbor Pranks: 5 good pranks to play on your neighbor

Neighbor pranks for you eh? There may be some time when you've tried to talk things out rationally with your neighbor, but he or she seemed so unreasonable. Or it could be that you have no better reason than wanting a good hearted laugh at your neighbor's expense. Either way, check out these prank ideas.

1. Trash Can Water Prank

Before you play this prank, check to see if your neighbor has any security cameras installed and pointing to the yard or the front door. You don't want to be caught for playing this prank, do you?

Once you're sure the coast is clear, lean a trash can full of water against front door. When door is opened the can will tip inwards, spilling water all over the floor. Optionally ring the bell, if you want to be there to see it go off.

2. Yesterday's Paper

Does your neighbor have the newspaper delivered to his or her front doorstep? If they do, you can easily hop over and swap their "today's edition" newspaper for a "yesterday's" edition. How hard can it be?

Well, first you'll have to look out for security cameras. I'm sure you don't want to be caught in the act by camera. Just get a cap that you will never wear again (except for pranking purposes) to cover your face, if there are cameras present.

Next, you'll need to make sure they don't have any pets, particularly guard dogs, in the yard. If they do, it's best you avoid this neighbor prank altogether, unless you want to get bitten. You may like to consider going ahead with the prank if you're in really friendly terms with the pooches.

To prolong this prank, keep it random and unexpected so that your neighbor won't be able to tell when it's coming. Plus, you don't want them to be waiting for you on your next swap run, do you?

3. Burning Dog Poop Prank

For preparation, collect some dog poop around your neighborhood into a paper bag. Scout for a spot that will hide you (in the cover of the night) from view from the front door, but will not block your view of the front door. Choosing a place to run to before executing the prank will help you reduce the chances of being caught by the blunder of choosing a lousy spot at the last moment.

Put the bag in front of your neighbor's doorstep then light it up from the top. Make sure the poop itself starts to catch fire. You might be surprised, but animal poop is used in some parts of the world to do cooking precisely because it's so flammable.

Now that you've lit up the poop, ring the doorbell to get some attention from your neighbor, then run! Your victim will most likely try to stomp out the flames, only to discover dog poop on his or her shoes after the flames die down.

Please check if the front porch is made from flammable material before you attempt this prank.

4. Ding Dong Ditch

This is a classic neighbor prank, where you ring your neighbor's doorbell and then hide. Needless to say, you'll need to decide where you want to hide before you start the prank. I suggest that you play this prank at night when your neighbor won't be able to see you very well unless the front of the house is lit up brightly. Play it as many times as you dare.

5. Alarming

If your neighbor has a vibration triggered home alarm system that is set only at night, this is a good prank to play on him or her. Buy a few inexpensive alarm clocks that vibrate when the alarm goes off (ringing is purely optional) and set them to ring at different times at odd hours late into the night. Attach a these vibrating alarm clocks with tape at various locations where the alarm sensors are likely to be located, such as doors or windows BEFORE the alarm is set.

It will help you to get some earplugs for the night, since this neighbor prank is going to go off late in the night.

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