7 Kid Pranks to play on random victims

You're in the right place if you're looking for kid pranks just for kids. Heck, most of these pranks are good for adults too. Anyway, enjoy the pranks, but don't overdo it until it no longer becomes funny.

1. Tap Burst

This is a simple but effective prank to pull off. Simply tape the faucet in your victim's bathroom mostly shut. I find that taping it more than 3 quarters shut works wonders. Check out the photos above to see what I mean.

When your victim turns on the rigged tap quickly, the water will jet out at him and wet his pants.

2. Glued Coin

Get a coin (a quarter, penny, 50 cents - depends on where you're from) and super-glue it to the ground. Enjoy watching your victims try to pick up the coin in vain. There will be plenty of suckers trying to remove it, I assure you. Some are just more determined than others.

3. Ding-dong Ditch

This is a classic kid prank. Simply go up to your victim's door, ring the doorbell, then run off to a hiding spot to see your victim wondering who rang the doorbell. Repeat once your victim goes back inside. Be warned - this prank makes most people really angry, and sometimes angry enough to hurt you if they catch you. They might call the police on you too, so you probably don't want to play this prank to be safe.

4. Colorful Milk

If your mom bakes in the house and uses food coloring, you can easily play this kid prank. Get some food coloring and mix it into some milk at your friend's house. When you drop it into the milk, the color will start spreading into it, giving your friend a colorful surprise the next day. His mum might even think that he did it. The more colors you put in, the more spectacular the effect.

The color doesn't ruin the milk, so you can tell your friend that when he finds out.

5. Gummy Wormy Apple

Surprise your victims with a worm in an apple in this kid prank. A gummy worm in an apple to be precise. Cut a hole in the apple about the size of the gummy worm. You don't need to use a knife - if the back of a spoon or fork is narrow enough, you can use that to poke the hole. Chopsticks and toothpicks work fine too, if you have them.

Once you have the hole, push in the tail of the gummy worm into the apple. Then give the apple to your victim, or swap his apple for your wormy apple!

6. Fake Vomit

What's better than fake vomit? Fake vomit that you can "puke" out of course! In this kid prank, you need a rubber hot water bottle and some soupy and chunky food like beef stew of pea soup. You'll need to blend this up, or use your hands to tear and mash the food down into tinier pieces so that it looks more like vomit. Be sure to wash your hands first if you want to use your hands.

Put the food (along with the liquids) you just mashed into the hot water bottle, then hide the bottle under your shirt. Now that you're ready to pull your prank, go up to your friends in the school cafeteria and pretend to be feeling sick. Then turn your backs to your friends and "vomit" by pressing hard on the hot water bottle. Once you're done, you can even pick up a chunk or two off the table to eat them. That will probably cause a few people to really vomit in disgust!

You might want to bring a spare shirt because sometimes the fake vomit might dribble down to your shirt.

7. Saltshaker lids

In this kid prank, the next time you see a pair of salt and pepper shakers that can be loosened at the caps, loosen them so that the next time someone uses it, the cap will come off and pour all the salt and pepper onto his food. If it's a shaker that has a cap on the bottom instead of the top, just remove the bottom cap and quickly put it back on the table. Some salt and pepper will be spilled, so clean up those so you won't give your prank away. When the next person picks it up to use it, the salt and pepper will be rushing out of the bottom!

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Fly Eater 
1) You take a raisin and squish it a lot until it looks like a bug. 2) Put it in your palm. 3) Go to the victim's room and freak out like theres something …

April fools mom 
You put. A fake little Barbie doll in the sope and soap in the toothpaste and red food dye in the shower water so they think it's blood

finger in the box 
get a small box and using a fork cut a finger sized hole in the box then put fake blood in the box next put your finger in the hole and give it to your …

my uncle 
My uncle is getting on my nerves and he keeps pranking me. What do I do?

My cousin went out with her friends and while she was gone. I went into her room and took her shampoo. I emptied the bottle and filled it with Nair. She …

Person in their bed Not rated yet
Put a mannequin head in your siblings, parents or kids bed-if u don't have a mannequin head then just us pillows- and put some pillows for the body theneeds …

Crying baby in the house Not rated yet
Well if you don’t have a baby brother or sister in the house this is a perfect prank for you So all you have to do is grab your phone then go on youtube …

Timers Not rated yet
I was woken up at 5:20AM because my son had set all the timers off at once so there was constant rrrriiinnngggg and brrrrriiinnnnggg all throughout the …

Oreo Surprise! Not rated yet
You take Oreos, and scrape out the icing. Then, you get some white colored toothpaste (mint has the best effect) and fill it in just enough so it looks …

Switch up  Not rated yet
My grandma left her new phone in my room so I picked it up and switched all her contacts around

Booby trap doors! Not rated yet
First you open a door a little then you put something like a pillow on it. Call someone's name. When they open the door wider the pillow will fall on them! …

Waterbottle squirts Not rated yet
Take a water bottle and poke about 5-8 holes in the top of the bottle it will only leaks for a couple of seconds then ask your victim to open it water …

Mouthwash gatorade Not rated yet
Get an empty Gatorade bottle and fill it with mouthwash and water. Tightly close it and give it to your victim.

the cereal prank Not rated yet
take a cereal box and put rice in it then put it back where it was

AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1n Not rated yet
1. Put yellow jello powder into their shower cap 2. Wait for them to take a shower 3. It will look like pee and they will scream!! 4. ENJOY!!!!!!!!

mayo ice cream Not rated yet
A great but kinda mean prank is to take ice cream bars and cut out almost all the in side so the out side still looks like ice cream then fill the mostly …

Wet your pants!!! Not rated yet
I did this on my older cousin, whilst she was sleeping i put her thumb is hot water and waited, she wet her pants ad i took a picture of that!!!!! Then …

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If you are having a party, have a big bowl of skittles and m and m's all mixed up and so when a unsuspecting victim comes and grabs a hand full, they get …

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If you are at school check all the lockers and if there is an open locker then open it widely then go hide and wait for the person to go to their locker …

Colorful shower Not rated yet
For 9-above you need to unscrew your parents showerhead and put some drink mix maybe even food coloring then when they turn on yay sparkles also good for …

Fake Love Not rated yet
write a fake love letter signed by your victims crush or if you don't know his/her crush just sign secret admirer. Put it in a place where he or she can …

Cream cheesy challenge Not rated yet
you take the victims deodrant roll on (must be roll on) and a spoon of cream cheese or butter,put the cream cheese/butter on the deodrant. Leave the deodrant …

The plastic cover prank. Not rated yet
You get a transparent piece of plastic and put it over a cup. Then you offer to pour someone a drink in that cup. You set down the cup in front of them …

Sharp Shoes Not rated yet
I wanted to prank my family.So I put a sharp object like a lego into someone in my family's shoes.

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The Squishie!!! Not rated yet
Ok.This prank comes from a book that leaves the victim with ketchup in their undies.It is SUPER hilarious but do not try it on a girl or you will get in …

Is makeup just for making you look pretty? Not rated yet
Get makeup,( halloween makeup or any other makeup as long as that person is not allergic to it) and make things like a unibrow, GIGANTIC lips, mustache, …

Switch-a-roo Not rated yet
"Pass the salt" is what your dad will say but the salt is sugar or do it the other way around. My dad put it in his food and was like "this tastes sweet?!" …

pop,toot,pop Not rated yet
You get little pop fireworks and tape it under the toilet seat before someone goes to the bathroom. Once they come in and sit down it will all POP!

soap prank Not rated yet
The first thing you do is take a bottle of soap that is clear/white. Squirt all around the toilet seat. When the victim sits down to use the restroom he/she …

the toothpaste Not rated yet
Get some tooth paste get lots of food die (different colours if possible) then put the food die into the tooth paste and leave there for your victim! …

The salty prank Not rated yet
First get some food coloring and and à water bottele with water then put food coloring in thé water you should do yellow because it will look like lemonade …

Bloody Marry  Not rated yet
One time I was having a sleepover. I was the only one who was up all night so I decided that I was going to play a prank on them. 1. Get some ketchup …

Hot Sauce Drink Not rated yet
You have a drink with a lid on it. But make sure the bottle or cup is not clear. Get a packet of hot sauce, rip a little hole and insert a straw. Then …

Trapped Not rated yet
I pulled this prank on my little sister. What you do is take one of their things and make sure they notice! When they get angry ( which I'm assuming they …

Trouble Maker on the run Not rated yet
First you need to trick someone for something they didn't do then tell that person to look inside a bush then grab that person and run away with that person …

The toilet paper in shoes  Not rated yet
One day I wanted to do a prank on my brother and I came up with this; When the victim isn't around get some toilet paper and shove it up to the bottom …

Hey that's not vinegar  Not rated yet
This is a good prank to play on family members or friends. First you find an almost empty vinegar bottle, dump or empty into another vinegar bottle and …

Bed Time Switch Up Not rated yet
For this prank you need to have two people. If you have younger siblings and you and your sibling is having a sleepover this prank will work. Wait untill …

kicked Not rated yet
This is really a good one. First write on a paper *KICK ME*. And then stick it on your friend quitly!

poop prank Not rated yet
well what you do is the toilet papaer roll thing you wet it and then you rip it then you make it look like a peice of poop

Garlic toothpaste  Not rated yet
Get some cloves of galic and mash it up as much as you can then stuff it into the top of your victims toothpaste tube when they brush there teeth they …

The invisible door! Not rated yet
I put Syran wrap on my sister's door before she woke up, she had no idea what hit her!

lemon brush Not rated yet
Wet someones tooth brush and rub a lemon head on it so, the next time they brush their teeth they get a lemony taste in their mouth and you take a pic …

faucet burst Not rated yet
okay if you have a spray faucet tape it around the handle. when ever the sink turns on it sprays them.

BABY LOST Not rated yet
if you have a baby sister or a baby brother if you want to prank your mom or dad than you know as my title baby lost and than they put you in charge of …

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