I lost a tooth prank!


Red Dye
Katsup (a.k.a. Ketchup)
paper towels
White Tic Tac

Make a small pile of katsup on the paper towel.
Put at least 5 drops of dye in it and mix it up
with a toothpic quick. Now you have fake blood.
Hide a TicTac on one side of the mouth and blood
on the other. (It may taste weird...) Walk to the
victim and put the Tic Tac to the front of the mouth.
Spit the tooth followed by some blood onto the other
paper towel that you would have in your pocket and

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Mar 29, 2012
by: Prankster0248

Lol this prank is so funny i am gonna do it though i am 14 and i have lost 16 teeth so i do not think it will fool him.....

Dec 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

I LOVE it i am going to do it

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