by victoria
(north carolina)

My friend woke up to an air horn. Noticing the hair, and blood on the bed she walked into the bathroom. The razer in the sink caught her attention. She freaked when she looked in the mirror. Yelling for me. She ran to my room, were she did not find me. (I SET UP CAMERAS EVERYWHERE MIND YOU!)
She ran to the living room, and into the kitchen. After turning on the light she started to scream. She saw me holding a bloody knife over her best friend. She screamed so loud! My friend on the floor started to laugh, and my friend who i pulled this prank on started laughing say-en that's not funny. She freaked, but I didn't tell her if I really cut her hair or not. She goes " if you cut my hair I'm going to fucking kill you!" and soon after she found out it was fake. Soon after she too played a prank on me.

This prank is not for everyone to try. Some people may take wrong way (other may beat the shit out of you thinken you really killed this person)

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