5 graduation gag gift ideas for school seniors

High school graduation is a great time for giving a graduation gag gift or three. There’s a lot of excitement about graduating, but a lot of worry about the future too. Help your graduating friends loosen up and laugh with cool gag gifts! We have five hilarious ideas to share with you below.

1. Beer and booze holsters!

Graduating from high school is pretty exciting. But the graduation party is even more so! Make sure the graduate is prepared to party hard later on with this gift. Basically, it’s a gag belt that helps him hold his drink — western style.

These belts are easy to use and convenient. Some even snaps right onto regular belts. There are many varieties available from online gag item sellers, from those that can hold a beer bottle to those that can carry up to half a dozen beer cans around the wearer’s waist.This gag gift is perfect for graduating seniors who like to party hard (and in style).

2. Gag diploma

Have a laugh by giving the graduate a second “diploma” to go with the one he’s earned! For this gag gift idea, you can easily buy a customizable gag certificate online. If you prefer, you can also use graphic editing software to make on yourself.

Personalize the gag diploma to make it funny. Be sure to mention what his thing is in high school. Maybe he was a party animal, or a ladies man; you know him best! You can even have it issued by “Mike’s Council of Buddies” or something like that, and signed by someone that would equally have a hilarious effect.

3. Graduation Yearbook

The idea is to create an alternate “yearbook”, so to speak. But instead of having everyone jot down their personal memories of their high school memories, ask the graduate’s friends to tell a hilarious or embarrassing high school memory of the graduate himself! If you can get pictures to go with the stories, the better!

This particular graduation gag gift idea obviously takes some effort. S you may want to start working on this early since you’ll need a lot of people’s input. This way, you won’t have to rush it later. This gift doubles as a funny but heartwarming reminder of his high school “moments” and friends.

4. Alternative report card

Here’s another graduation gag gift idea based on the “alternate” theme. Create a gag report card for the graduate as his graduation gift. Instead of listing down subjects and grades, list down crazy and hilarious “skills” and “abilities” like success rate at cutting class, alcohol drinking capacity, and so on (creativity helps!). If you know the graduate closely, this should be easy for you to do. Be careful not to give it to him with parents present, though.

5. Graduation Jackass

Here’s a hilarious graduation gag gift for easygoing seniors with a great sense of humor: the Graduation Donkey. It’s a good conversation-starter and will get everyone chuckling in no time.

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